Notak was a planet in the Bogon Galaxy. Known for its dark canals and famous hoverboat rides, it was here that Ratchet and Clank sought out The Thief. Its largest city and capital was supposedly Canal City, where boat travel was popular. It was also one of the galaxy's most beautiful cities. The most promising place to be in Canal City was the Promenade or known as the shopping district of Notak. It was here that Ratchet earned a skill point, a Nanotech boost and whole a lot of bolts. This area also included a suspicious amount of destroyable objects and a pond of freezable water.

Planet Notak was very similar to planet Rilgar with its dark waters and chilly climate. Like Rilgar, planet Notak was far from any star, and was dark blue in color. It also hosted a number of MegaCorp facilities, notably a chemical facility in Canal City.

There was a sign in the Promenade that showed the binary code for "Dan", which was disguised among many other binary codes, suggesting that binary was the main language of the inhabitants. This means that Notak's population may have been made up of robots, like that of many other planets in the Bogon Galaxy.

Characters on NotakEdit


Behind the scenesEdit

According to Mike Stout and Tony Garcia, planet Notak would originally include pedestrians. They would walk along blue ventways located on the floor throughout the level, and exit through "energy" doors. They were difficult and took a lot of time to program, and were eventually cut. [citation needed]


  • A picture of this planet was shown in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal whenever Dr. Nefarious switches Secret Agent Clank with Secret Agent Klunk. This room was probably Maxmillian's office on set for Secret Agent Clank. This area is shown in a cutscene. It is not accessible.
  • Dan Johnson's name can be found in binary code throughout the level.
  • The elevator platform at the beginning of the level is slanted due to the fact that the camera would have issues with the elevator going straight down.
  • The planet's design continents are the base of some other planets in the game, most notably Joba and Gorn.