Night Lights are for Wimps is a bronze trophy awarded in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. It is obtained by completing the Rossa Fields segment without using any energy repositories.


Rossa Fields involves picking up crystal shards to light your way through the area. The crystal itself has an energy meter, which can be recharged by using energy repositories found along the path, or energy fragments scattered across the area.

The segment must be completed without using any of the repositories; however, if the crystal is not emitting any light, the Venixx will come out and will easily kill you. In the light however, they burrow themselves into the ground and you are safe. Picking up energy fragments are essential to completing this trophy otherwise the crystal's energy will run out. Picking up fragments do not affect the trophy.

Halfway through the segment this a part where you have to place the shard to open up another section. This acts as a checkpoint and refills the crystal to full energy - and does not affect the trophy.

Having a human partner will help as they can fend off enemies and pick up fragments; doing the trophy solo is a difficult task.


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