New Quartu
New Quartu is Chairman Drek's dream come true but a nightmare for everyone else. Drek grew jealous of everyone else in the galaxy with beautiful homes, so he destroyed them all, then took pieces of each planet and put them together to create his own planet. It should also be pointed out that Drek was not at the top of his class.
―New Quartu Holocard description  

New Quartu was an entirely new planet created by Alonzo Drek in an attempt to provide a perfect world for his species, the Blarg, which he did, by stealing parts of other planets.


Drek on New Quartu

Drek on New Quartu seconds before it's destruction

Alonzo Drek hated living on planet Quartu, which had been polluted by his father's company. So he hatched a plan to create his own perfect planet: New Quartu. At this point, he allied with Dr. Nefarious, who had plans to develop the Deplanetizer battle station, which Drek could use as part of his plan.Drek then had several planets deplanetized in order to collect the parts so that they could be added to New Quartu. However, unknown to his race, Drek had planned on creating this new planet in order to simply pollute it as well as it was being populated, just as he had done to Orxon. He only wanted to get rich, as someone was paying him for every square inch of the planet. Drek added new planetary fragments for his planet while destroying those worlds that dared to get in his way. He collected these fragments through the use of his Harvesters.

When Nefarious betrays Drek, he puts him in a shuttle and fires it to New Quartu. After crashing on the artificial planet, Drek notices the Deplanitiser`s laser coming toward his planet. Seconds later, the planet explodes, killing Drek. It is unknown what happened to the rest of the Blarg, but they presumably went back to Quartu or spread to other planets.


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