Existence is a lie! Sensations are illusions, possessions are merely visions.
— The New Age Mystic to Ratchet., GC

The New Age Mystic was a peculiar character that Ratchet and Clank encountered on planets Tabora and Grelbin. The Mystic claimed that he needed Desert Crystals and Moonstones to help him align the galaxy and use the forces of the cosmos. These "forces" can be seen when he uses the Crystals Ratchet gathers for him on Tabora to fix Ratchet's ship, which Ratchet regarded as "pretty impressive", and on Grelbin, to move a large piece of ice, using only his mind. Ironically, although he openly denigrated material things, he offered a Hypnomatic part and bolts in exchange for more crystals and moonstones. The Ager also worked as a life-coach at the Thugs-4-Less Prison.

In Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, the New Age Mystic attended the Secret Agent Clank film after Nefarious's defeat.

Old Man

The Mystic, working as a Life Coach


The New Age Mystic's species is unknown. He had a similar body shape to that of a Rilgarian, although he had the skin tone like that of a Novalian. Both species were not native to the Bogon Galaxy.

Behind the scenes

The New Age Mystic was originally going to be three-eyed, and went through many iterations.[1]


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