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The term "Nethers' Invasion of Meridian City" is conjectural. The real name is unknown, and a non-canonical nickname or title is used instead. See the reasons for this title in the "Behind the scenes" section below and/or the relevant discussion on the talk page, if they exist.


Ratchet and Clank vs. Neftin Prog

Nethers' Invasion of Meridian City
Elite Netherwarriors

Nether Invasion




Meridian City, planet Igliak, Praxus Sector, Polaris Galaxy, normal dimension, omniverse


Part of Meridian City destroyed, Mr. Eye and the Nether army banished, Prog Twins arrested



Polaris Defense Force:

Neftin Prog (temporarily allied)

Vendra Prog (temporarily allied)


Nether Leader/Mr. Eye


Civilian casualties

Unknown number of civilians killed

The Nethers' Invasion of Meridian City was an attempt by the Nethers, led by their leader Mr. Eye, to destroy the Dimensionator which was the only thing capable of banishing them back to the Netherverse.


Assault on Meridian City

Realizing that the real Dimensionator was still around, Mr. Eye led his forces to Meridian City to destroy the device. He sent a small task force to Intergalactic Museum of History to destroy it but it was too late as Ratchet and Clank had already given the device to Neftin Prog and Captain Qwark who then went to the Meridian City Racketball Club at the city center. After Ratchet disposed of the task force, Ratchet and Clank headed towards the city center. While there, they took out four Netherbrutes who were searching for the device. After the brutes were defeated, Mr. Eye realized where Neftin, Qwark, and Pollyx were hiding out. He then darted off quickly to find them and destroy the device. Realizing this, Ratchet hoverbooted through the expressway and arrived at the Racketball Club to prepare for a showdown with Mr. Eye.

Battle with Mr. Eye Pt. 1

After landing on a skyscraper, they intercepted Mr. Eye. Realizing that Ratchet and Clank stood in his way, he immediately confronted them to get rid of him so that he could get the Dimensionator. Ratchet had a tough fight against Mr. Eye. After wearing being worn down, Mr. Eye smashed the building and suspended Ratchet in mid-air. Mr. Eye then tried to use his laser against Ratchet but failed as Ratchet kept dodging. Neftin then soon finished the Dimensionator and opened a portal for Clank to find Vendra.

Saving Vendra Pt. 1

After landing in the Netherverse, Clank immediately searched for Vendra. Neftin informed Clank that Vendra may be weak from her exposure in the Netherverse due to her time in the normal dimension. Clank then heard Vendra's cries and followed them. He then found her locked in a barrier. Vendra informed Clank that she was took weak to break the barrier. Clank then found a Nether nearby and led it to Vendra's cage. Using the Nether's unstable energy, Vendra was able to break part of the barrier holding her.

Battle with Mr. Eye Pt. 2

All alone against Mr. Eye, Ratchet continued his battle. Talwyn informed Ratchet that she managed to evade the Nethers at the Meridian City Library. After a while, Mr. Eye smashed the skyscraper just like before and tried to blast Ratchet but to no avail.

Saving Vendra Pt. 2

Clank then went to another part of the Netherverse to locate another Nether. Clank located a Nether and lead it back to Vendra's cage. Thanking the robot, Vendra then used the Nether to break the entire barrier. Clank then contacted Ratchet to inform him that he has freed Vendra.

Battle with Mr. Eye Pt. 3

Realizing that he was losing the fight against Ratchet, Mr. Eye started throwing out Warp Points to bring in backup and even flipped the platform Ratchet was standing on over in order to defeat him. Despite this, Ratchet did not slow then and eventually sent Mr. Eye flying back.

Goodbye Mr. Eye

Mr. Eye was sent flying into a tower and was caught on the power couplings. Using this opportunity, Neftin opened a portal for Clank and Vendra to return to the normal dimension. Realizing that they were going to banish him and the Nethers, Mr. Eye unhooked himself from the tower and flew at Ratchet and the others. Vendra, seeking revenge against her former friend, used her powers to keep Mr. Eye away. Neftin then opened a portal to the Netherverse with Vendra using her powers to send all of the Nethers back. Mr. Eye got away from Vendra and grabbed ahold of the tower to prevent himself from being banished. Despite being exhausted, Vendra used the remainder of her power to get Mr. Eye off the tower. Mr. Eye then screamed in terror as he fell back into the Netherverse. The portal then closed, banishing the Nethers for good.

Vendra then collapsed in Neftin's arms and apologized for her past actions. While the twins seemingly made up, Neftin took a frustrated Vendra and himself to jail.

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