For the creature, see Netherbeast (creature).
Netherbeast 2

The Netherbeast in action

The Netherbeast was a weapon. It was a Netherbeast who had been tamed to attack enemies in the formation that its user punched.[1] The Netherbeast upgraded into the Netherfiend at V3. It was first available on Meridian City.

Weapon Description

The weapon was similar to the Sonic Eruptor and the Plasma Beasts in that they were both creatures attached to weapons. The Netherbeast was a young Nether that had been tamed, and would lunge out at enemies to 'punch' them. The upgraded Netherfiend was a fully grown netherbeast which was more powerful.


  • Ironically, it was first available where you had to fight Nethers.


Notes and references

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