Agee! Shilaktamon!
―Mr. Eye after spotting Ratchet and Clank for the the first time.  [ItN]

Nether language is the language commonly used by the Nethers. It is unknown how to speak the language as no translation was ever seen. However, it appears that Nethers, even if they speak another language, can understand Nether language. This was shown during Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus when Vendra Prog, despite not speaking in the language, was able to translate Mr. Eye's dialogue despite the fact she was speaking Ratchet's language.

Notable Speakers


  • Even though Vendra did not speak her native language, she was able to understand Mr. Eye's language and communicate with him. Whether Mr. Eye has taught her the language or she could understand the language because of her Nether heritage has yet to be determined.

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