Neftin Prog
I'm going to enjoy breaking you!
―Neftin Prog, to Ratchet  [ItN]

Neftin Prog (commonly known as Nef by his sister or Mr. Prog by his underlings) was an infamous space criminal, best known for kidnapping of Pollyx Industries CEO Pollyx, along with dozens of other innocent Terachnoids. Like his sister Vendra Prog (who is also an infamous space criminal), Neftin is a Nether, originally originating from a parallel universe known as the Netherverse. Large and intimidating, Neftin served as the muscle for the Prog's criminal activities during their crime spree.[1][2]

Vendra and Neftin2

Neftin Prog with his sister, Vendra Prog


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Early Life and the Meero Orphanage

Meero Orphanage. Buncha creeps and bullies. All they do is pick on Nef and me, and when I tell one of the teachers, I get sent to detention?
Vendra Prog  [ItN]

Close to twenty years ago, Neftin and Vendra were born to Prog parents in the Netherverse. They were; however, later moved to another dimension because of the actions of Nether Leader.

The parents sent them to this dimension via Nether Rifts, which were created by the great cataclysmic event caused by the misuse of time travel by the Fongoid race. They ended up on planet Yerek in the Zarkov Sector, being found in cave underneath Meero Orphanage. With no parents to raise them, they were taken into Meero Orphanage. Despite being from another dimension, both Neftin and his sister Vendra were able to adapt to this dimension since they had arrived in this dimension when they were very young; however, they had no recollection of their past or their true origins. Life at Meero Orphanage was quite horrible, as creeps and bullies would often pick on him and his sister, and the orphanages teachers only made things worse by punishing he and his sister for no good reason. Life was hard and lonely for the Progs, as they only had each other. But things were soon going to change…

Mr. Eye

But I found a new friend today. I call him Mr. Eye, and he lives in the caves where my brother and I were found. He doesn't pick on me. He says he's my friend. And HE says he has big plans for us…
Vendra Prog  [ItN]

One day, Neftin and Vendra were exploring the caves below their room, the very same caves they were found in. While exploring the caves, they happened to discover Mr. Eye, who spotted them via a Nether Rift. The large entity claimed to be Neftin and Vendra's friends, and it informed them of their true heritage and origin. Mr. Eye claimed they wanted to Progs to be reunited with the rest of their kind, but informed them that such a feet was impossible since the Prog's biological adaptions to their current dimension wouldn't allow them to survive in the Netherverse. Vendra Prog soon came to the conclusion that instead of going home, they should bring home to them (which is exactly the course of action Mr. Eye wanted). The Progs went about to making this dream come true for several years. His relationship with his sister changed as she became cruel and heartless, and her relation with her brother became strained. Nevertheless, Neftin chose to stay with her because she was his sister, and knowing all she really wanted was to be reunited with her kind.

Vendra also made Neftin a force to be reckoned with, upgrading him with biological and cybernetic enhancements that drastically increased his size, allowing Neftin to act as Vendra's muscle.

Also around this time, Neftin made Vendra's Netherblades more powerful, creating the Prog Blades; however, these weapon designs were later stolen by GrummelNet.

As time went by, Vendra Prog's research showed that rifts between her reality and Mr. Eye's could be amplified to allow more Nethers to cross in, but such experimentation would require more room. Neftin Prog had such a plan to bring about this. Alpha-9 Knowing the Zarkov Sector needed to be cleared out, Neftin decided he would need to scare the populations out of the sector. Using their Nether allies, Neftin had them scare citizens across the Zarkov Sector, who thought the Nethers were evil ghosts. Eventually, the Galactic President had decreed the Zarkov Sector was an Alpha-9, which stated the sector was haunted. Almost overnight, citizens from Yerek to Silox were fleeing the Zarkov Sector four the nearest non-haunted sector.

During the evacuation of Weeblesnog City, some citizens sighted Neftin above the cities roof tops, and they mistook him for a demon. Mayor Gumblebrick suggested citizens give the demon scarifies of unwanted children and spouses in order to save themselves and their remaining family members, claiming it would probably satisfy the demon's bloodlust.

Neftin and Vendra eventually left the sector with the rest of the refuges, but quickly returned to Zarkov Sector to begin experimentation.

Experimentation and Assault on Pollyx Industries' HQ

With the Zarkov Sector abandoned, the Progs were free to begin sector wide experimentation like never before. Vendra's research still failed to punch a big enough hole between the new realities, and they began to explore other avenues. The Progs eventually learned about the Dimensionator, a Lombax transdimensional device that could create a large wormhole between the realities. Both Neftin and Vendra headed to the Intergalactic Museum of History in Meridian City to examine the museums security, but they soon realized they would be unable to steal it do to the security, and they returned to their base in the Hagrow Swampland on planet Thram with a stolen Tourbot named Docent 427.

When it became apparent they couldn't steal the original Dimensionator, Neftin and his sister decided they would build their own, of course even Vendra wasn't skilled enough to do so alone, she would need help. The Progs decided they would kidnapped Pollyx Industries CEO Pollyx to help build the device, but they would require more allies to accomplish this feet. The Progs thus hired Thugs-4-Less, a small mercenary company based in the Bogon Galaxy.

Before the main attack began, the Progs first kidnapped Fleebar Snuttleblast, a Terachnoid scientist working for Pollyx Industries, who was originally believed to be attending a Qwark Vid-Comic convention. Then Neftin and Vendra led Thugs-4-Less forces to planet Terachnos, where they invaded Axiom City and stormed into Pollyx Industries' HQ. The Progs captured several Terachnoid scientists, including Pollyx and the Lab Assistant. They soon encountered heavy resistance from Ratchet and Clank, who attempted to arrest the criminal duo. The Neftin and his sister sent waves of Thugs-4-Less forces toward the heroic duo, and engaged them in M-class star cruiser all across Terachnos, but they failed to kill the duo and Vendra ended up being arrested. Unable to free her sister for time being, Neftin and his Thugs-4-Less forces fled back to Zarkov Sector with the Terachnoid scientists.

Raid on Nebulox 7

Six month‽ You left me in here for six whole months‽
Vendra Prog  [ItN]
YOWWW! This wasn't easy, you know! I had to bribe elected officials for the ship's location, coordinate a galaxy-wide crime wave, hire extra muscle…
―Neftin Prog  [ItN]
You are the muscle! Or at least, your supposed to be.
Vendra Prog  [ItN]

As Vendra was sentenced to quintuple-life-sentence at the Vartax Detention Center, Neftin Prog had Pollyx and the other Terachnoids scientists work on building the Dimensionator. Neftin; however, planned to break Vendra out of prison while Pollyx continued his work, but things didn't go as planned. It took over six months for Neftin to set his jailbreak scheme in motion (though he did have a wonderful Christmas during this time), ranging from bribing government officials on the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship's location (the prison ship which was holding Vendra), institute a galaxy-wide crime wave and hire more Thugs-4-Less goons to do his bidding.

When the time came, he led a force of three Thug Ships full of Thugs-4-Less minions and five Thug Fighters to the Nebulox 7, which was currently exiting an Asteroid Belt in the Cerullean Sector.

Aboard one of Thug Ships, he was called to the bridge by the Thugs-4-Less captain, who informed Neftin they were close enough to strike the prison ship. Neftin moved in toward the bridge, ordering the Thug captain to fire all Omnirockets on his mark, counting down from three. After he made the countdown, the Thug captain pressed the button to fire the missiles. The Thug; however, had hit the wrong button, causing the song Everybody Have Fun Tonight to play aboard the ship instead. The embarrassed Thug attempted to apologize, but Neftin grew furious at his utter stupidity, and promptly smacking the lizard away from the bridge. He quickly looked for the correct button and fired the Omnirockets toward the Nebulox 7, knocking Ratchet and Clank into space.

With the Nebulox 7 damaged, he ordered all the Thug Ships to board the Nebulox 7. After his ship had docked into the Nebulox 7, he disembarked with dozens of Thugs-4-Less forces. Some of the Thugs were sent some to find Vendra while he led some to the Nebulox Bridge, the rest rigged bombs to the prison ship. He then demanded the Nebulox 7 crew surrender and allow them to take Vendra, threatening to blow the prison ship to smithereens if his demands were not met. Cronk and Zephyr, who were holding the ship's bridge, refused to surrender and defiantly stated they would hold the bridge. Seeing they weren't going to surrender, Neftin and his Thugs-4-Less goons battled for the bridge. The two old warbots held out for a while, but they were too old and out gunned, and Neftin eventually would have the warbots tied up. Vendra was eventually led back towards the Nebulox Bridge, thrilled at being released and being reunited with her brother. She quickly asked about Pollyx's status, with Neftin replying that Pollyx was still building the Dimensionator on planet Yerek. Vendra wasn't to surprised at this, stating it had only been three weeks she had remained in custody. Neftin shyly informed Vendra she had been in custody far longer, causing Vendra to angrily ask whether she had been custody for five or ten weeks. Neftin nervously blurted it had six months, noting Christmas had been quite lovely. Vendra promptly snapped at Neftin, grabbing him by the jaw and asking why she had been left in prison for over six months. Vendra then released Neftin's jaw, but not before she zapped him in the face with her Nether abilities, causing Neftin to yelp in pain. Neftin attempted to justify his long wait to Vendra, claiming it hadn't been easy as he had to bribe government officials, institute a galaxy-wide crime wave, and hire extra muscle. Vendra responded by angrily exclaiming Neftin was the muscle, mumbling at least he was supposed to be, causing Neftin to go silent.

As soon as Neftin went silent, his sister Vendra immediately trapped Ratchet and Clank inside a bubble, who had attempted assault her while attention was toward Neftin. While Vendra mocked Ratchet, Neftin brought the down the tied up Cronk and Zephyr for the heroic duo to see. Neftin Prog returned to Vendra Prog side, and Vendra Prog asked for the detonator for the Pyrocidic Bombs aboard the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship. Neftin balked at the idea, insisting Cronk and Zephyr were old warbots that posed no real to them anymore. He was about to argue that killing everyone for no reason was somehow wrong, but Vendra angrily demanded to know what he was implying against her decision. Realizing that going against his sister was pointless (and harmful to his health), he reluctantly gave the detonator for the bombs to Vendra, who promptly snatched the detonator from his hands. Neftin accompanied Vendra to the edge of Nebulox 7 bridge, and Vendra activated the bombs; Neftin and Vendra then teleported off the ship as it exploded and headed to Yerek to begin their plan to bring the Nethers over.

After releasing a group of Nether, Neftin, Vendra, and the Thugs headed to Silox to complete the plan. When Ratchet arrived at the top of the train station, Neftin battled him in order to give Vendra time to prep the Dimensionator, Neftin and his Thugs were defeated, but managed to get buy enough time. Vendra then released the Nethers as Vendra watched, he was horrified to see the Nether leader: Mr. Eye reveal that they were mere pawns and through Vendra into the Netherverse. Neftin then allied with Ratchet and Clank to stop the Nethers and save Vendra.

Neftin held back Eye long enough for Ratchet and Clank to escape, and then escaped himself in order to meet with them in his hideout. Neftin and Ratchet made a deal, they would ally to defeat the Nethers and save Vendra, on the doncidtion that the Progs went to jail afterwards, Neftin reluctantly agreed and assisted Ratchet and Clank in retrieving and fixing the real Dimensionator with help from Qwark, Pollyx, Talwyn, and a Thug.

When Ratchet had sufficently damaged Eye, and Clank had retrieved Vendra from the Netherverse, Neftin used the Dimensionator to open a portal to the Netherverse, and the Vendra threw the Nethers into it, trapping them. Keeping his word, Neftin picked up Vendra and forced her to go to jail with him as per Ratchet's request.

Character Details

Skills and abilities

Did you know that Neftin never lost a fight?
―Vendra commenting on her brother's strength making him unbeatable  

Vendra calls Neftin the muscle of the two, and for good reason. Thanks to certain body modifications, of both cybernetic and biological nature, done with help from Vendra, he became a hulking behemoth with frightening strength, reflexes and power. His strength being great enough to hold back Mr. Eye for a brief period of time. This is further added with his skill with two electrified mace-like whips, which he can also use to temporally float in the air. His incredible size and muscle came at a cost however, as he claimed that he was many things, but agile and sneaky were not included among them.

Contrary to his appearance as a large brutish thug, Neftin does seem to be smart. He is shown to be the commander of the Thugs, suggesting he is a capable tactician, and he was able to repair the Dimensionator, which suggests that he is a skilled mechanic. He also stated that, in order to rescue Vendra, he had to bribe certain politicians, displaying his ability to show discretion in addition to brute force, and coordinate a galaxy-wide crime wave in order to distract the defense force. All of these factors suggest a high level of intelligence.


Neftin is very loyal and protective of his sister Vendra. He will go to great lengths to protect her. However, he seems to be the more reasonable of the twins, as he was willing to work together with Ratchet and Clank to stop Mr. Eye and the Nethers, although his main reason was to save his sister. In addition, he did not let his desire to reunite with the rest his kind (something he and Vendra had in common with Ratchet) blind him as much as it did Vendra. He also seems to dislike pointless killing, such as when Vendra mercelessly killed Cronk and Zephyr in the destruction of the Nebulox, despite his failed attempt to talk her out of it. He's rather submissive to his abusive sister, though this changes at the end of the game, taking on a stronger role, even telling her to "SHUT UP" at one point. He also has some sense of honor, as when he and Ratchet made a deal to stop Mr. Eye and rescue Vendra, the twins would turn themselves in, although reluctantly, an agreement he ultimately honored and fulfilled, much to Vendra's displeasure.

Character summaries

Vendra's oversized twin brother Neftin is big, brutal and still on the run. What he lacks in smarts, he certainly makes up for in loyalty to his sister. Don't be fooled, he may not be a criminal mastermind, but with Vendra at his side, he's formidable.
―Instruction Manual Character Summary  [ItN]

Behind the scenes

Neftin Prog's voice actor in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus is Fred Tatasciore.[3]

  • Due to his pointed hair, eyepiece, pointed ears, and round buckle on his back, Neftin may be a subtle reference to Jak from the Jak and Daxter series.
Neftin Prog new
Into the Nexus (02)

Neftin Prog with a Thugs-4-Less agent



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