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Neftin's Hideout was a small base of operations located in the Hagrow Swampland, planet Thram. It was here where he plotted to kill Ratchet and held a Tourbot he stole from the Intergalactic Museum of History in Meridian City on planet Igliak.

When the Nethers betrayed Vendra Prog and Neftin Prog however, Neftin told Ratchet and Clank to meet him at his hideout in order to defeat the Nethers.

Ratchet and Clank were would later find Neftin's Hideout after they acquired from Hoverboots to traverse the Hagrow Swampland. After meeting up with Neftin, he informed the duo they would need to obtain to original Dimensionator in order to stop the Nethers and their leader from wrecking across this universe. With that, Ratchet and Clank headed to the Intergalactic Museum of History to obtain the Dimensionator.


  • Despite the hideout belonging to Neftin, he had to struggle to get through the door, as it was too small for him.
  • Apparently, they also plotted Ratchet's downfall there, as shown by a disturbing picture of Ratchet, and a knife thrown through the head.


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