Nefarious Carrier

A Nefarious Carrier hit by the Hypernova Defense Laser

Nefarious Carriers[1] were a type of capital ship used to patrol Nefarious controlled space. They were cut as an enemy, but still made into the game as non-enemies. They were large saucers with green domes.

Ratchet, disguised as Nefarious, ordered the fleet to return to the Nefarious Space Station which consisted of Nefarious Carriers. Using the Hypernova Defense Laser, Ratchet aimed its beam into one of the domes of these large ships, causing it to explode and smash in other Nefarious Carriers that were docked at the station, destroying the entire fleet in a matter of seconds. Despite the victory, it only slowed Nefarious journey to the Great Clock.


Notes and references

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