Steve Nefarious, sometimes called Dr. Nefarious or Neffie (by Drek), is a mad scientist and former Galactic Ranger, who manipulated the Blarg Chairman Drek in order to gain vengeance. He was the true main antagonist of Ratchet & Clank.


Pre-Ratchet & Clank


Nefarious, as a Galactic Ranger

Nefarious was originally the Galactic Rangers' tactical support and weapons engineer before Elaris and Clank. But a combination of poor working conditions, including budget cuts, inadequate facilities, lack of appreciation and constant ridicule from Qwark drove him mad and resulted in his attempt to atomize Aleero City. He was thwarted by the Galactic Rangers and imprisoned.

Qwark would later mention this defeat of Nefarious as one of his great achievements.

Nefarious was later apparently killed during a prison escape; however, in reality, he had escaped and paid any witnesses to say that he had died during the jailbreak so that the Rangers would not pursue him.

Ratchet & Clank (movie)

Quartu Warbot Factory

Doctor Nefarious later teamed up with Drek as the Blarg's weapon engineer. At his laboratory on Quartu, Nefarious designed the Deplanetizer and various other weapons. Most notably, the warbot armada Drek planned to wipe out the Galactic Rangers with. During a freak lightning storm the Warbot facility was struck and malfunctioned, creating the Warbot defect that would later come to be known as "Clank".

After being defeated at the Hall of Heroes, Drek held a meeting with Nefarious and Victor Von Ion to review why they failed. Nefarious subtly suggested a different approach to defeat the Galactic Rangers by tricking Qwark to betray the other Rangers.

Relocating to the Deplanetizer

Later, onboard the Deplanetizer, Nefarious recorded his journal, voicing his true intent to betray the Blarg and destroy the system. But he was nearly discovered when a Blarg soldier walked in to the room, although he had only heard part of the doctor's speech. The doctor quickly made up a story that the journal was focusing on his diet which the Blarg bought.

When Ratchet failed to stop the destruction of Novalis, Drek reassured the gullible Qwark that he made the right decision to betray his friends, but Qwark is shocked when he suddenly sees Nefarious walking right behind Drek who smiles sinisterly at the captain.

Betraying the Blarg

Nefarious (re-imagined)

Nefarious, plotting

The Galactic Rangers discover that Nefarious is still alive when Zed explains that the doctor had organised it so that the Deplanetizer will destroy Umbris, which has a volatile core (made of tetragen in the game, and pure melluvium in the movie) and will cause a chain reaction throughout the system (which currently features a rare single-file alignment of every planet) if blown up.

Qwark later tries to warn Drek about Nefarious but Drek ignores him and the doctor walks in. After taunting Qwark and sending him away, Nefarious sheepinates Chairman Drek when his back is turned and drags him to an escape ship, then launches it into New Quartu. He then declares it as the Beginning of the End before killing a Blarg with a Combuster for interrupting him.

With his plan in motion, Nefarious is about to leave the Deplanetizer in an escape ship when a panicked Blarg calls him back informing him that Ratchet and Clank have sabotaged the Deplanetizer and that the Chairman is missing. Infuriated the doctor returns to finish the job.

Showdown on the Deplanetizer

After Ratchet and Clank's confrontation with Qwark, Nefarious appears when the captain is lamenting. The Captain and Nefarious get caught in a heated argument about the doctor's mistreatment and Qwark's incompetence. After insults are exchanged the doctor fires at the three heroes with an Alpha Cannon before the Galactic Rangers move the Deplanetizer with mag boosters. The pull knocks Qwark and Nefarious off balance and both cling to the control console of the Deplanetizer. Despite Qwark's best efforts, Nefarious activates the Deplanetizer's laser but it misses Umbris and hits New Quartu instead with Chairman Drek still on the planet.

Furious that his plan was thwarted, Nefarious regained solid footing and introduced his back-up plan and personal favorite weapon, the RYNO! in, Rip You a New One!
―Nefarious  [R&C (movie)]

As the weapon's barrel began to reach full speed and the charge neared completion, Ratchet and Clank rushed in to save Qwark by slamming the blunt edge of his Omniwrench 8000 against Nefarious's gargantuan green head. Recoiling in pain, Nefarious was met face first with the chaotic energy from the RYNO which had failed to stop firing. The mad scientist was sent flying into the Star Cracker Chamber as his body slowly disintegrated before reaching the core of the station.

A Mechanical Uprising


Nefarious converted into his new robotic form.

In the wreckage of the Deplanetizer on Umbris, a group of Repairbots search the debris and are alerted by the screams of the doctor. As they rush to aid him, he angrily protests to them that he is not a machine. Emerging from the wreckage he quickly discovers that he has indeed transformed into a robot. Nefarious then begins to laugh maniacally at this revelation.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Nefarious and Drek

Nefarious and Drek

Nefarious, working alongside Drek as a chief scientist. Nefarious was organic and had not yet become a robot. Nefarious served as the architect of Drek Industries' Warbot army as well as the Deplanetizer, working in the shadows while the Rangers assumed he had died in a prison escape. Presumably, he and Drek had arranged the escape and staged his death.

Drek: Dr. Nefarious! The mad scientist who made all of this possible!
'Nefarious: Mad' suggests cognitive impairment, I'm more of a vengeful scientist.
―Drek introducing Nefarious [R&C (movie)]

Being that he created the current model of Warbot employed by Drek Industries, he was subsequently responsible for Clank's birth on Quartu. Nefarious, in addition to creating the Warbots and Deplanetizer, he also created the Blarg-used (and later Clank-used) XK-81 Jetpack while working in his privately owned lab on Gaspar. When Ratchet and Clank arrived on Gaspar and broke into his facility, he greeted them through audio, scolding them for the destruction of his expensive and custom made doors.

Following the failed attempt to prevent the destruction of Novalis and unknown to the traitor Qwark, Nefarious remained on board the Deplanetizer, manipulating Drek into selecting planet Umbris has their next target. Unbeknownst to Drek, Nefarious planned to destroy a large portion of the Solana Galaxy by detonating Umbris' tetragen core during a celestial alignment. After Qwark confronted Drek about attacking the Galactic Rangers and being ushered out by Nefarious, the good doctor turned his evil sights on Drek. While Drek had his back turned, Nefarious sheepinated him, then launched him into New Quartu, where he presumably died due to his ship crashing into the planet's surface.

After Ratchet and Clank succeeded in removing the stabilizing core of the Deplanetiser and convincing Qwark to return to the side of good, Nefarious attacked them in person, unleashing a volley of Alpha Disruptor charges at the three heroes. When Elaris executed her plan to redirect the Deplanetiser away from its target, Nefarious did not hesitate to fire the station's laser, hoping to strike any unintended target, before realizing that he is indeed, a mad scientist, first and foremost.

Nefarious dying

Nefarious moments before his mech's destruction.

Attempting to salvage success from his defeat, Nefarious activated his Gadgetron Insta-Mech, in aim to destroy the dwarf star housed by the Deplanetizer. Ratchet took chase and inflicted enough damage to Nefarious's mech to allow it to be caught in the star's gravity and pulled inside.

Nefarious was finally defeated when the dwarf star he was pulled into was absorbed into his mech, causing the mech to overload and self-destruct; however, this event only prolonged his evil, turning him into a robotic foe for the Rangers to inevitably face once again in the future.

Nefarious mech

Nefarious battling in his mech suit

Character Information

Powers, abilities, and weapons

Nefarious possessed a Super-Genius Level Intelligence, able to invent and build a massive Warbot army, the Deplanetizer battle station, an arsenal of weaponry for use against the Galactic Rangers, most notably the RYNO, an artificial dwarf star which he created as a power source both for the Deplanetiser and his mech suit, stating the idea came to him during imprisonment. In battle Nefarious was a dangerous combatant, utilizing his Combuster, Sheepinator, and Alpha Cannon against his foes with high levels of proficiency.

Nefarious's Alpha Disruptor

Nefarious prepares to fire his Alpha Disruptor

His ultimate skill, however, was his piloting ability, as shown when he utilized his Gadgetron Insta-Mech in the battle against Ratchet and Clank. This mech was powerful enough to destroy a synthetic dwarf star, capable of flight, and had several weapon armaments including rapid fire lasers in its claws, a proton energy beam and deployable seeker mines. It could also drain energy from sources such as the dwarf star to regenerate and heal from damage. Despite how much power it had, the Insta-Mech did have its weaknesses:

  1. If it absorbed too much energy from the dwarf star then it would overload the mech, damaging it and rendering it immobile for a period of time.
  2. The Insta-Mech was not very durable, as it no defensive capabilities, and was heavily damaged during its fight with Ratchet.
  3. The gravity of the dwarf star was strong enough to pull the mech and Nefarious into the star itself once it was severly weakened.



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