Unofficial title
No official name has been given to this subject in any licensed Ratchet & Clank media; as such, a descriptive name was chosen.

Nefarious's Ice World was used in the fifth Qwark vid-comic, The Shaming of the Q. The Ice world was home to Nefarious' laboratory, where he had been holding Qwark captive. When he heard that Qwark escaped, Lawrence suggested to Nefarious that they "flood the vicinity with boiling acid," to which Nefarious answered, "I like the way you think, Lawrence. Can we do that? Make it so!" The player then controls Qwark as he tries to beat the rising acid to the surface and escape Nefarious once again. The acid is blue in color.

Characters on Nefarious's Ice World


  • Nefarious's henchman