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The term "Nefarious' faction" is conjectural. The real name is unknown, and a non-canonical nickname or title is used instead. See the reasons for this title in the "Behind the scenes" section below and/or the relevant discussion on the talk page, if they exist.

Nefarious symbol1

The symbol of Nefarious's faction in Up Your Arsenal

Nefarious symbol

The symbol of Nefarious's faction in All 4 One

Nefarious's faction, also known as the Nefarious Empire, was a military junta and organisation that worked for Dr. Nefarious or were made by him. They invaded other planets and usurped them into their territories, in the name of destroying organic life and making the Universe a haven for robots, and later to take control of time itself - so that heroes would always lose.The faction was one of the most powerful that the Solana and Polaris Galaxies had ever seen, as it was capable of waging war against the Solana Galactic Government, and then later holding such great control of the Breegus System that not even Tachyon's Great Cragmite Empire or later Allied Polaris could take them down until Ratchet entered the battle.


Pre-Up Your Arsenal

Creation of Amoeboids

The Amoeboids created in a lab in the swamps of Blackwater City

Originally starting out with an entire army of Amoeboids, Nefarious invaded Blackwater City on Rilgar with them. However, the Amoeboids were beat back by Ratchet and the ExtermiBots. Nefarious later went on to attack Metropolis on Planet Kerwan; however, his attack was repelled.

In Qwark's vid-comics he claimed that it was he who foiled the Amoeboid attack, and chased Nefarious down to his factory on Magmos. The guards failed to stop Qwark and Nefarious was pushed down into the factory machines, transforming him into a robot. Nefarious made one more attempt at redemption, and with a wider robot army, he invaded Metropolis on Kerwan. Once again, the attack was beaten by Qwark, and Nefarious was defeated in combat. After kidnapping Qwark and taking him to an ice base, Qwark escaped, and Nefarious plotted a vendetta against organic lifeforms over the next few years. It is likely that this is all fiction created by Qwark however, as he was busy working for Drek, and then planning for his return in Bogon, at the time.

Up Your Arsenal

Nefarious Courtney

Nefarious with Courtney Gears

Two years later, the faction was much stronger, and began a plan to stamp out organic life, and carried out random attacks across the Solana Galaxy. After a failed invasion of Veldin and Marcadia, one of Nefarious's command bases on Aquatos was invaded. He ordered the Army to eradicate the Q-Force. Later on, the Tyhrranoid homeland was invaded and their leader was eliminated, and Nefarious's base on Daxx was infiltrated too. After a failed vengeance attack on Blackwater CityCourtney Gears was beaten in battle.

After finding Nefarious's flagship, The Leviathan, at the Zeldrin Starport, Nefarious activated the self-destruct and teleported away, thinking Ratchet, Clank, and Qwark would be killed.

Believing Qwark to be dead, he set out to finally destroy Metropolis City. This attack failed when Ratchet arrived to defeat Klunk. After recovering Nefarious's master plan, the Q-Force hijacked a cannon on Koros, destroying the first Biobliterator. They then invaded the Command Center on Mylon, and destroyed the second Biobliterator. Nefarious was defeated a second time, and was trapped on an asteroid.

A Crack In Time

Nefarious Epic Speech

Nefarious with two Protomantis

After landing on Zanifar, he convinced and tricked the Fongoids to build him an outpost and a space station. He then supposedly killed Orvus, imprisoned the Fongoids and rebuilt his Army from the ground up once again, and began conquering locations across the Breegus System, as well as hiring Lord Flint Vorselon and his mercenary army, and the Valkyries to join in on his efforts to alter time with the Great Clock. Lawrence began working aboard the Great Clock to prepare for the takeover and alteration of time.

After his VX-99 was destroyed on Terachnos, and the Tombli Outpost was retaken by the Fongoids, Nefarious began losing the War. After Ratchet and Clank attacked the Nefarious Space Station, he used his Asteroid Flinger 5000 in an attempt to kill the duo, but was unsuccessful. Nefarious was then beaten a third time on board the station just as he was about to fly to the Great Clock.

All 4 One

Nefarious attempted to destroy Igliak with a Light Eating Z'Grute and robot soldiers, but was defeated. After escaping Magnus, he and Lawrence were about to attempt to make it to the Solana Galaxy by making it past the Polaris Defense Force patrols.

Other side stories and events

Secret Agent Clank

Note: The following ambiguously canon events take place at some point after the events of "Up Your Arsenal" and "Size Matters"

Klunk, would later go on to make a sub-group of the faction in Nefarious's absence, his own criminal empire. The empire was shut down by Clank when he defeated Klunk on Hydrano.


In several of its incarnations Nefarious's faction possessed a massive military force.

Ratchet & Clank

The only shown soldiers of Nefarious at this time were the artificial Amoeboids used to invade Rilgar and several other planets.

Qwark claims that around this time Nefarious also had Henchmen robots, Heli-Bots, Insectoids, and Insectoid swarms under his control, though these may have all been fictional parts of Qwark's vid-comic series.

Up Your Arsenal

Nefarious's original faction military was primary comprised of the Tyhrranoid race that he had managed to trick into serving him. Soldiers included One-Eyed Tyhrranoids (who acted as grunts), Two-Eyed Tyhrranoids (who acted as pilots), Three-Eyed Tyhrranoids (who acted as soldiers), Four-Eyed Tyhrranoids (who acted as commanders), and Five-Eyed Tyhrranoids. The Tyhrranoids later became Robonoids.

The Tyhrranoids utilized vehicles such as Tyhrranoid Attack Ships, Tyhrranoid DropshipsMecha-Tyhrranoids (and the upgraded Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoids). They also used Noid Missile Stations as anti-vehicle turrets.

Nefarious also had many robot models under his command, including Shockbots, Drone BotsSoldier Bots, Ninja Bots, Guard Bots, and Mega Bots. He also had the cyborg Sharpshooters under his command. Nefarious's robot forces were commanded by Leaders.

Nefarious utilized Tank Bots and Sentinel bots as AI controlled vehicles. They also utilized Attack ships. There was also at least one Warship utilized by the robots.

Nefarious also continued to utilize Amoeboids, alongside their larger variant to guard Aquatos. He developed Hoverbots to keep the Amoeboids in line.

Courtney Gears served as a higher up among Nefarious's robot forces, with her backup dancers acting as her bodyguards. Nefarious also had a replica of Clank named Klunk who primarily acted as a spy. The Momma Tyhrranoid acted as the leader of the Tyhrranoid forces.

A Crack in Time

Nefarious's primary forces at this time were the Nefarious Trooper series of robots. Types of Nefarious Troopers included: Microdrones, Splitterbots, Protoguards, Cyclobomber, Arc Strikers, and Protomantis. They also utilized VX-99.

He also made alliances with several races and their factions, including the Terachnoids and the Blargian faction. The Valkyries - led by Cassiopeia, Carina, and Libra - also joined, primarily as space combatants.

Vehicles used by Nefarious's forces included: Nefarious Fighters, Nefarious Space Mine Layers, Nefarious Dropships, Nefarious Starships, and Nefarious Carriers. The Valkyrie's also supplied their own fighters, as well as Valkyrie War Ships.

The supreme commander of Nefarious's forces was the Terraklon cyborg Lord Vorselon.



Known Territories

First Campaign

Second Campaign

  • Mylon - Command Center and capital - Taken over by the Solana Galactic Government.
  • Mariona - Factory - Fate unknown.
  • Hydrano - Factory and base - Taken over by Klunk's Army, but was invaded and took over by the Agency and the Galactic Government.
  • Aquatos - Base and offices - Retaken by the Aquatos National Protection Force and the Galactic Government.
  • Tyhrranosis - Tyhrranoid capital and military headquarters - Taken over by the Galactic Government.
  • Daxx - Research and development headquarters - Took over by the Galactic Government.
  • Obani Moons - Biobliterator test site - Retaken by the Obanian Government.
  • Zeldrin Starport, Zeldrin, and the Joraal Nebula - Fuelling station and military airbase - Taken over by the Galactic Government.
  • Koros - Biobliterator Recharge site and BFG Cannon site - Taken over by the Galactic Government.

Third Campaign




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