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The Napalm mod was a weapon modification in Ratchet: Deadlocked. It made the rounds of the B-6 Obliterator, Arbiter, and Hunter Mine Launcher spawn pools of lava when they exploded, which hurt and stuck to enemies, setting them ablaze, but not Ratchet, Merc, or Green. The Napalm Mod was most effective with the B-6 Obliterator, as it amplified the ground destruction.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

The Napalm Mod returned in this game as a special up grade which allowed the shots of the Raptor Launcher and the Negotiator to drop small globules of Napalm on the ground upon explosion. While not nearly as large as Deadlocked's napalm globs, these would tend to bounce a bit along the ground and off walls before landing, and also not stick to enemies or set them on fire. While not nearly as fearsome as Deadlocked's napalm, it was arguably more effective as it could kill any normal enemy in the game (and even a couple of bosses) just by having them stand therein for a few seconds, killing them faster than in Deadlocked.


  • Tools of Destruction's Napalm mod was extremely effective against enemies standing still. Most notably of these were Crushto of the Imperial Fight Festival, and the Kerchu Guardian on Jasindu, who could be both be defeated solely with the Raptor Launcher after a few shots as the Napalm would deplete their HP at an alarming rate.
  • The Napalm substance, although it mainly covered floors, was capable of harming enemies that hovered just above the ground, such as Blade Balls and Hug-Me-Tight Nanny Bots.
  • Vox Pharmaceuticals created originally developed portable lava technology while designing a heated massage oil. When the massage oil proved unpopular in a focus test it was repackaged as a DreadZone Omega mod.


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