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Nanotech Boost guide

Nanotech Boosts were rare items that gave an immediate and permanent upgrade to your total maximum Nanotech without having to bring your EXP bar to full. In Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando there were 10 Nanotech Boosts to be obtained that each added one more Nanotech to Ratchet's total. All 10 were required the get the game's maximum Nanotech that was 80, meaning they were necessary for obtaining the Nano to the max! skill point.

Nanotech boost locations

Planet Endako

In the second crane area there is a room that can be unlocked with the Infiltrator. The Nanotech Boost is located inside.

Feltzin System

Inside the space station, near the middle, there is a cargo bay with a Nanotech Boost in the middle.

Planet Notak

Upper level of the promenade in the middle of the path.

Planet Tabora

During the 'Explore Tabora' mission as you glide through the canyon it is located on the top of the fourth tower.

You do not have to glide to get this boost. Just as soon as you go through the shack that leads to the mission(continue point will flash on screen) the boost is visible from the path. Stand on one of the rocks on the edge of the path, double-jump and glide over to get the boost.

Planet Dobbo

Located in the large room near the launch for the glider. This is one of the most difficult to obtain. Glide through the first three cross sections of piping and instead of going down into the corridor, pull up vertically and stall out. If you pull up early enough you will have enough space to turn yourself around and then restart gliding by moving forwards (now in the direction of where you started) glide back the way you came, upon re-entering the large room where you started pull up to the right. With a bit of practice in adjusting the camera angles pulling up at the end and turning around can become much easier. Alternatively you can fly to the end and circle around the room at the end, although it may be more difficult to do this as you must run the length of the entire course twice.

Planet Joba

There are two located on Joba.

In the hoverbike race, there is a large swamp with a red accelerator pad. Head to the shortcut to the right of this pad. It is located along this path.

Before heading into the first tunnel, use the Dynamo activator to the right of the tunnel entrance. Quickly run into the tunnel, activate the Dynamo activator to the left, and make your way down the obstacle course as quickly as possible. It is on the right as soon as you clear the obstacles. Note that it may be easiest to clear the level first and before leaving the planet get this Nanotech Boost as there will no longer be any enemies in your way.

Planet Todano

Located in the giant rocket area (After all the pulse mines). When you first enter it, defeat the enemies and head toward the door in front of you. To the left of the door there will be an Infiltrator pad located behind some crates. After you unlock it, an elevator will descend. Jump on it and in the place above go forward and there is your well-deserved Nanotech Boost.

Planet Boldan

Upon coming to a room with a choice of two paths, left leading to a small area with enemies and a view of the final area, right leading onto the main path. Go right. Look for a fountain to the left of the elevator, it's located on top but is only there every other hour for some reason. If you are sitting at the fountain waiting for the Nanotech Boost, a sign that it's there is that a clock tower chimes.

Planet Snivelak

This is one of the most difficult to obtain. In the first area, swingshot across the versa-targets. On the last versa-target get as much momentum as possible and release before reaching the top of your swing. You will be launched higher than the versa-target itself. Just as you are about to start coming down initiate a glide. Once close enough perform a Hyper-strike and Ratchet will land above the lip. This is still possible without the Hyper-strike.

Alternatively by swinging back and forth on the first versa and using this momentum on the other swings this will fling you forward to theNanotech boost.


  • The same shine effect on the Nanotech boost was seen when the New Age Mystic repaired Ratchet's ship on Tabora, only that it was purple.


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