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The Nabla tribesmen of Florana once referred to me as… nt wak wak!!! 'He With Mighty Pecks Who Hath Delivered Us From Serenity.'
Qwark mentioning is 'warrior' ways to the Agorians, ACiT

The Nabla Natives, also known as the Nabla tribesmen, was a sapient, simian species native to the tropical world of Florana. These non-starfaring beings lived in the Nabla Forest, building their homes on the branches of the great Jamboo Trees that soared over the swampy floor. The species also built several stone temples and windmills as well.

The Nabla Natives was a somewhat primitive humanoid species, commonly seen wearing masks. Their main weapons were boomerangs. They were taller than Ratchet and were also prone to attack him, even if he was far away. They adopted the mentally-unstable Qwark as their leader after he fled to Florana, but he and all of the other Natives were easily defeated by Ratchet. When they were hit a certain number of times, their masks would come off, revealing their simian faces.


Ratchet fighting a Nabla Native in Up Your Arsenal

The Nabla Natives' language consisted of squawks, grunts and body language.[1]

The Nabla Natives would attack intruders of their forest with deadly force, using boomerang-like weapons to hit their foes from afar and at close range. However, they would accept non-Nabla Natives into their tribes if they were able to pass their Path of Death.

Captain Qwark was somehow able to not only become a member of one tribe, but actually became the tribe's chief, whom the Nabla Natives referred to as "He With Mighty Pecks Who Hath Delivered Us From Serenity."[1] Captain Qwark was later defeated by Ratchet, making Ratchet the next chieftain.

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