The heroes swingshot across the cliffs.

The Northern Extraterrestrial Sorting Terminal, or N.E.S.T., was a rocky mountain region high above ground level and a major base of operations on planet Magnus. This is where many alien creatures were sent to be taken to different regions on the planet. Outside the N.E.S.T. was Elerox Pass that lead to Moktor Outpost, a Tharpod Village in this region. The village was being invaded by the Minions, who were destroying the Tharpods village to expand the N.E.S.T. The heroes repulsed the Minion assault on the settlement, and attacked the N.E.S.T. causing massive damage. Commander Spog fought the heroes, but was defeated. After they Nefarious fixs him, he tells them where they can find Dr. Croid. Besides the local Critters, their appears to be few creatures that live in the N.E.S.T. region naturally. However, the area has been introduced to some Gravoids and large packs of deadly Weevoids.



The N.E.S.T


Introducted Wildlife





Other Types


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