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I'd refrain from feeding the local wildlife, they can get quite testy.

Mutant Test-Squirrels, also known as Test-Squirrels, were creatures that roamed Todano. They were found at the MegaCorp Armory and attacked all visitors, including Space Tourists along the path, which is their most known and common prey besides Ratchet. A very effective weapon against these creatures was the Lava Gun. When tourists went past their territory, the squirrels hid in trees and struck when the tourists neared them.


The first Mutant Test-Squirrel was Boeboe, who was launched into a black hole using a ZX9 Galaxy Cruise Rocket.

More were bred by MegaCorp for weapon testing; however, squirrel rights groups protested, forcing MegaCorp to release them back into the wild.

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