The Mutant Swamp Beasts were a cross between a snail and a crab and are native to planet Oozla. They dwelled in the slimy oceans of planet Oozla, while some of them already lived on land. They created a trail of slime when slithering toward Ratchet, and attacked with their tentacles/claws swiping him.

These creatures were hatched from eggs laid by their Mother Beast. Why these creatures continued to appear near the MegaCorp Outlet after the mother was defeated is unknown.


There were two boss variants of the Mutant Swamp Beast.

Swamp Monster I

The Swamp Monster I was the mature presumably male version of the Mutant Swamp Beast, and was the first boss in Going Commando, encountered during the first trip to Oozla.

Swamp Monster II

The Swamp Monster II was the mature female version of the Mutant Swamp Beast, and was encountered as a secret boss when Ratchet returned to Oozla after obtaining the Gravity Boots.


  • The Swamp Beasts jump out of the swamp. Interestingly, if Ratchet hits a Swamp Beast back in the swamp, it will instantly die.
  • If they manage to snap at you with their claws, then they will have each pair of claws grabbing each other as in a handshake, and make a strange sound as if there were applauding themselves.
  • If you kill the Swamp Beast which holds an employee, the employee will float in the air