Mutant Muckdwellers were small reddish three eyed mammalian creatures native to Oozla. Just like the Mutant Swamp Beasts, they lived in both the murky brown waters and dry land on planet Oozla. They would sometimes jump out of the murky water to ambush prey. They moved around the environment by bouncing towards prey using two stubby legs. They attacked by hopping towards Ratchet and spraying toxic gas from their mouths. A single Wrench strike would take them out.


Oozla Muckdwellers explore the swamp ruins

Mutan Muckdwellers on Oozla

  • The Mutant muckdweller seems to move by bouncing, and not by hopping. This can also be seen in the legs, which do not look strong enough to let such a creature hop, but can help it to bounce.
  • If you kill the Mutant Muckdwellers which are terrorising an employee of the outlet, the employee will still be killed.


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