Oh, the torment of it all!
— The Mutant Crab on being apart of the Smolgian species, GC

The Mutant Crab was a Two-Headed Smolgian Snapper from Smolg who for unexplained reasons failed to grow a second head from Smolg's toxic atmosphere. Despite this he still greatly resembled his species and walked on four feet when required. He also seemed to be more intelligent than most of his cousins, as he was fluent in English, spoke with a posh English accent, and smoked a pipe. He also wore regal and proper clothes. He had little regard for his species due to their savage nature and wished that his kind was not so aggressive.

Ratchet and Clank met the Mutant Crab during their investigation of MegaCorp's facilities. Ratchet was just about to strike him down when the Mutant Crab made them realize he meant no harm and actually welcomed his near-end. The Mutant Crab offered to give the duo a video that provided them access to the planet Damosel, in exchange for 40,000 bolts for food (as the bolts were his food). Upon giving the duo his video, he crawled off.

He was present at the showing of the latest Secret Agent Clank movie in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Smolg Gentleman

The Mutant Crab at the Oil Derrick, planet Smolg