Mungo fight

Mungo was a large purple colored monstrous creature that Ratchet battled on Planet Kalidon in order to rescue Luna. He appeared to be a Technomite experiment.

He is notable for being incredibly fast in spite of his size, swinging along the ceiling in order to keep up with ratchet. This boss can be beaten relatively easily solely with the use of the wrench.


Mungo looked like a hybrid of a gorilla and octopus. Its arms lacked fingers and had suction cups. Mungo also bore a resemblance to the Grungoths, and may have been a mutated one.

Boss Fight

As mentioned before, if the player carefully dodges attacks, the boss can easily be taken out with the use of the wrench and nothing else. Mungo's high speed and heavy-hitting attacks discourages using ranged weaponry, especially given how close he tends to get to Ratchet.

After his health bar has been half depleted, Mungo grabs a pipe from the side of the arena, increasing his melee range significantly, as well as upping the damage of his attacks. This also temporarily prevents him from following the player via the ceiling, although he can still use ceiling-based attacks. Enough damage in this state will cause him to drop the pipe and resume his older tactics, although he can grab another pipe during this time.