Ratchet's ship
Micron ship

Ratchet and Clank, using Mr. Micron's ship to travel to planet Kerwan

It… uh… disassembles, so that it can infiltrate enemy strongholds.
Ratchet, lying about the ship to Clank  [R&C (PS4)]

Mr. Micron's ship is a ship utilized by Mr. Micron, and then Ratchet (prior to becoming a Galactic Ranger).

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

At Grimroth Razz's garage on Veldin, after crashing the ship, Ratchet had to check the versa-bulbs, engines and afterburners of the ship before being able to participate in the Galactic Rangers tryouts. Later he makes use of the ship to fly to Kerwan with Clank but was shot down by a Blargian troop.

Stranded on Novalis, with the help of The Plumber, Ratchet repaired the ship and resume to head off to Aleero City to stop a Blargian Invasion by taking out a warship using the ship's Mag-Cannon. Outraged, Blarg leader and Chairman, Drek sends a mercenary to plant a bomb on their ship to take them out. Ratchet quickly spots the ticking bomb and the two narrowly escape with the ship destroyed. After becoming Galactic Rangers, Ratchet was given a new Ranger ship, the Class-g Star Jumper from Captain Qwark.

Ratchet & Clank (movie)


Mr. Micron took his ship to Grim's Workshop to have the ejector sit repaired. He later comes back to pick up his ship from the workshop. Ratchet and Mr. Micron test drive the ship and Ratchet proceeds to show the new unwanted attachments he had added most notably the new high intensity Mag-Boosters which cause major havoc when they cause every single metal object in the garage to attach to the ship. The afterburners then activate and Mr. Micron and Ratchet begin to soar across the Kyzil Plateau at lighting fast speeds with all the metal objects following behind.

Micron and Ratchet both holding on tight and screaming in terror try to hit the kill switch but that malfunctions as well. Ratchet then proceeds to get under the driver's sit and re-wire the ship. Seconds before hitting a wall, Ratchet manages to deactivate the Mag-Boosters and bring the ship to a complete stop the two are left unharmed until Mr. Micron's sit ejects him and sends him a far distance across the Plateau. Grim scolds Ratchet for this incident and then proceeds to fix up the ship and get all the lodged metals out of the inside of the ship. Later, the duo would make use of the ship and proceed to travel across Aleero City on planet Kerwan and stop a warbot invasion using the Mag-boosters.

Equipment and arsenal

Mr. Micron's ship was equipped with a booster engine, a Mag Booster, a machine Gun. The ship was also capable of performing a Barrel Roll. The Mag-Boost was capable of picking up and firing warbots.


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