Mr. Micron is an elderly Tharpod citizen of planet Veldin for whom Ratchet was testing his ship.


Ratchet & Clank (movie)

Mr. Micron took his ship to have the ejector seat repaired at Grimroth Razz's shop. Ratchet was tasked to repair his ship; however, instead he adds some new unwanted attachments to the ship. Micron later returns to pick up his ship, Ratchet quickly makes his way downstairs to present the ship to Micron. Ratchet and Micron test drive the ship and Ratchet proceeds to show off the new attachments he had added most notably the new high-intensity Mag-Boosters which cause major havoc when they cause every single metal object in the garage to attach to the ship including Micron's walker. The afterburners then activate. Micron and Ratchet begin to soar across the Kyzil Plateau at lighting fast speeds with all the metal objects following behind.

Micron and Ratchet both holding on tight and screaming in terror. Ratchet asks Micron to hit the kill switch but that fails in bringing the ship to a halt. Ratchet then proceeds to get under the driver's seat and re-wire the ship. Seconds before hitting a rock wall, Ratchet manages to deactivate the Mag-Boosters and bring the ship to a complete stop the two are left unharmed until Micron's seat ejects him and sends him a far distance across the Plateau. He, however, survives this barely as he lands in a pile of poison ivy.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Despite not appearing in Ratchet & Clank (PS4), Mr. Micron is mentioned once by Grimroth and his ship plays a big role for a small while in the game. After wrecking the ship, Ratchet repairs it and later makes use of it to fly to Aleero City on planet Kerwan with Clank to stop a Blargian Invasion by taking out a warship using the ship's Mag-Cannon. The ship is later destroyed by a Blarg mercenary.


  • The appearance of Mr. Micron was very similar to that of Dr. Frumpus Croid from Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. Mr. Micron's personality was, however, entirely different to that of Dr. Croid; he was not an avid inventor nor displayed signs of insanity. Additionally, Mr. Micron was extremely frail (like that of an elderly man), whereas Dr. Croid displayed no such attributes, despite being hundreds of years old.
  • In both the game and movie it is never revealed if Mr. Micron ever got his ship back.



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