Mr. Klink, also known as Warden Klink, was part of Artemis Zogg's main administration on planet Igliak during Zogg's time as a Galactic President in Meridian City and after Zogg lost the election for Galactic President, the warden at the Vartax Detention Facility. Mr. Klink was killed by Artemis Zogg after an unsuccelful attempt to try and stop Ratchet, Clank, General Glahm, Cronk, and Zephyr, along with many other inmates, from breaking out of the Vartax Detention Facility.


Early History

Mr. Klink was part of Artemis Zogg's main administration on planet Igliak in Meridian City around when the former was a Galactic President and continued his life as a loyal public servant. Klink was Artemis Zogg's partner in business and a loyal administrator. With his and Vorn Garblak's help, Artemis Zogg would create the Helios Project, designed to protect Polaris in the event of a galactic disater, natural disasters, and invaisions. However, after Qwark betrayed Artemis Zogg due to his egotistical mind brought out at the hands of Cyrus, Qwark's director, and awarded himself Galactic President in re-election. Following this, Artemis Zogg snapped and became a much colder person due to it. Galactic President Qwark issued a file to stop the Helios Project, which was appearing to be citing the Emperor Tachyon rule a couple of years before. As so, Artemis Zogg's administration on Igliak was being shut down for good, so Artemis Zogg requested that Klink would get their work loaded onto Artemis Zogg's ship and move to a different location with the Helios Project. Artemis Zogg had then hatched a plot to rule the universe and put it under his control, by using the Helios Project to move each planet from every galaxy and placing it all in one area in the universe.

Warden at the Vartax Detention Faclity

Artemis Zogg later discovered a robot station that was in good condition. Artemis Zogg decided to make use out of the station by transforming it into a prison located in the Polaris Galaxy. Mr. Klink became corrupted and fanatic over Artemis Zogg's control, as even when Artemis Zogg was doing wrong, Klink stood up for him fanatically. Mr. Klink had soon become the warden at the Vartax Detention Facilty.

Cafeteria battle

After attempting to meddle in his plans, Ratchet and Clank are thrown into Vartax Detention Facility by Artemis Zogg, who did not want them to mess with his plans for the Artemis Galaxy. The duo were unsucceslful after three months. At the cafeteria, Klink is making announcements over a screen about new cafeteria food, oil treatment for synthetic guests, and Artemis Zogg's galaxy getting a little bigger over the past three months.

Ratchet and Clank, grabbing lunch there, accidentally bump into General Glahm, an Agorian general. The general recognied Ratchet from their Krell Canyon battle on Lumos and right away fought the Lombax. However, Klink stoppted the fight, and as a punishment, sentenced them to be executed out the airlock shoot. During the walk there, Glahm revealed to Ratchet that the battle was merely a ruse in order to escape, whom they discussed while they walked.


Klink looking badass and seductive

Warden Klink about to throw Ratchet and General Glahm out the airlock in five seconds

Meanwhile, back in the cell, Clank, along with a Space Pirate, managed to steal the key to get open the door to the airlock from one of the guards and break out. Back in the airlock, Ratchet and Glahm are about to be shot out the airlock by Klink, when Glahm's back-up, Cronk and Zephyr, come to the rescue. A big gunfight occurred as the heroes shoot guard after guard, while Ratchet reached to Clank. The Space Pirate riled up the other prisoners to fight the guards and allow for the escape. Warden Klink was unable to stop the heroes alone and his guards were all destroyed. The heroes made an escape in Talwyn Apogee's ship, but Glahm stayed behind in order to protect them from the remaining guards. The heroes leave off a gernade on the ship, damaging it from the outside and causing scar marks, although it appeared no one was harmed.

Back at Artemis Zogg's ship, Klink tried to convince a mad Artemis Zogg that there was merely nothing he could do to stop the inmates from escaping, but he was not amused. The Markazian said one final goodbye to Mr. Klink and hoped that a ship were to cross his path before his battery dried up and killed him, launching him out of an airlock garbage shoot into the depths of space, where his battery dried up after being stranded in the vacuum of space, deactivating him and leaving him a lifeless body .


  • His name is based on an actual, but rarely used, name given to prisons.


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