Agee! Shilaktamon!
―Mr. Eye, after spotting Ratchet and Clank for the the first time  [ItN]
Mr. Eye, also known as the Nether Leader, was a gigantic Nether who led the species and was native to the Netherverse, a parallel universe. He was given the name "Mr. Eye" by Vendra Prog. This mysterious and monstrous entity plotted for years to enter the universe in which Vendra Prog and Neftin Prog resided in.[1]



These dimensional rifts were created long ago by the explosion of The Great Clock.
Pollyx  [ItN]

Eons ago, the Fongoid race had been entrusted with time travel by the mysterious Zoni race in the hopes it would improve their lives. The Fongoids; however, abused the gift of time travel, which resulted in an event that resulted in the destruction of 83 celestial entities and created rifts between their universe and the Netherverse, particularly on planet Yerek in the Zarkov Sector. These rifts allowed very limited travel, though mostly it allowed communication between the two dimensions.[1][2]

The Progs

But I found a new friend today. I call him Mr. Eye, and he lives in the caves where my brother and I were found. He doesn't pick on me. He says he's my friend. And HE says he has big plans for us…
Vendra Prog  [ItN]

While not much of the Nether Leader's history is known, Vendra Prog's parents sent Neftin and Vendra Prog to the dimension that was connected to the Netherverse because of the Nether Rifts.[1][3]

The exact reasons the Prog parents sent their two children to the other dimension, the parents' fate or the Nether Leader's motives are never fully explained throughout Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, and remain a mystery.

The Nether Leader; however, would soon manage to discover Vendra and Neftin by using Nether Rifts that were common on planet Yerek. Both Neftin and Vendra resided at the Meero Orphanage, and both were picked on by the other residents. Because they were preschoolers, they had no recollection of the events that occurred in the Netherverse between their parents and the Nether Leader. Seeing them as useful pawns, the Nether Leader decided to use them to bring himself and his kind into this new dimension. The Nether Leader soon made his presence known to the Vendra Prog and Neftin Prog via a Nether Rift in the in some caves, the same caves the Progs were found. [citation needed] The Nether Leader revealed to Vendra and Neftin that they were from the Netherverse and that they too were Nethers. He explained to Vendra and Neftin that because they had lived in another dimension for far too long however, they were unable to return to the Netherverse, as their bodies would be unable to survive. Vendra was undeterred and insisted she would bring the Netherverse to her reality so that they could be reunited with their kind. Slowly over the course of Vendra's life, Mr. Eye (a nickname given by Vendra Prog because of his large cyclopean eye) slowly corrupted Vendra, turning her into a cold and calculating criminal with almost no sense of morality; Vendra was even given supernatural powers by Mr. Eye, allowing her to many unnatural feats. Mr. Eye waited for over a decade, as Vendra experimented with ways to open more rifts to the Netherverse. Vendra and Neftin later used their Nether allies to scare away the populations of the Zarkov Sector by making it appear haunted. Almost overnight, the entire sector was abandoned, allowing them to continue their research with transdimensional technologies, using the entire sector as a research ground. Research around the Meero Ruins on planet Yerek and Weeblesnog City of planet Silox managed to allow more Nethers into the Vendra's adopted dimension, but the majority of the Nethers, including Mr. Eye, remained trapped in the Netherverse.[1]

Things began to change after Vendra realized a device known as the Dimensionator could be used bring about Vendra's and Mr. Eye's dreams. Unfortunately, the last Dimensionator was badly damaged and currently resided in the Intergalactic Museum of History, which was heavily guarded. Vendra decided rather than steal one, they would kidnap Pollyx to build them one. They succeeded, but Vendra was taken into custody in the process. Mr. Eye would wait for another six months as Neftin Prog and Thugs-4-Less planned a rescue mission to save her. After she was freed, Vendra and Pollyx finished about completing the device.[1]

Encounter With Ratchet and Clank

Mago! Tego umbata salakupo.
―Mr. Eye  [ItN]
No, no one knows about planet Silox.
Vendra Prog  [ItN]

Eventually, Vendra and Pollyx finally completed the device at the ruins of the Meero Orphanage. Vendra and Neftin then went underground to the caves to meet Mr. Eye, who watched them via a Nether Rift. Mr. Eye watched as Neftin activated the Dimensionator, calling for the Dimensionator to find the Netherverse. The device struggled and quickly opened several rifts that allowed several Netherwarriors to enter the opposing dimension. The device failed to completely punch a hole between the realities. Mr. Eye grew angry at this failure, but Vendra told him not to be angered, claiming it was working as the barrier between the two universes were growing thinner by the day. Mr. Eye then asked whether anyone was aware of planet Silox, but she assured Mr. Eye that no one knew of Silox and that it was entirely abandoned.[1]

Mr. Eye began to say something else before he noticed Ratchet and Clank eavesdropping on their conversation. He quickly warned Vendra, who ordered the nearby Nethers to attack. Ratchet and Clank would; however, escape the caves, with help from Qwark, and proceeded to investigate Weeblesnog City on planet Silox.[1]

Crossing In

―Mr. Eye  [ItN]
"Pawn?" But you're supposed to be my friend!
Vendra Prog  [ItN]
Eye arrives

Mr. Eye exits from the Netherverse

Following the encounter, Mr. Eye began to inquire to Vendra about Ratchet, and Vendra told him everything she knew about the Lombax. Mr. Eye realized that Ratchet posed a large threat to his plans, and he planned to "meet" (i.e. kill) Ratchet as soon as possible. Vendra also pondered over whether to feed Pollyx to Mr. Eye, whom she suspected would be quite hungry from the crossing.[1]

After Neftin Prog had been defeated by Ratchet and Clank, Vendra Prog nevertheless was able to activate the Dimensionator at the Sky Train Station, finally breaking enough holes into the two realities to allow the Nethers to enter Vendra's universe in full force.[1]

Mr. Eye quickly exited the Netherverse and entered Vendra's universe, causing all the Thugs-4-Less forces to flee in abject terror at the sight of the large Nether. Mr. Eye approached a triumphant Vendra, but double crossed her and ordered a Netherflyer to restrain her. Vendra demanded she be let go, asking Mr. Eye why he was doing this to her. Mr. Eye informed Vendra that she was merely a pawn in his plans, then ordered the Netherflyer Vendra to throw her into the Netherverse.

Mr. Eye quickly focused his attention toward Ratchet, Clank and Neftin, who were fleeing the Sky Train Station. Heordered his Nethers to hunt them down before they could leave the city.[1]

After the Nether forces failed to kill Ratchet and Clank, Mr. Eye pursued them. Neftin; however, led them to safety in a large corridor, holding back a large metal door that blocked Mr. Eye from reaching Ratchet and Clank. Unable to breakthrough, he was unable to stop Ratchet and Clank from fleeing the planet in the Aphelion and Neftin who fled in an M-class star cruiser, all three headed toward Neftin's Hideout in the Hagrow Swampland of planet Thram.[1]

Eye attacks

Mr. Eye pursues Ratchet and Clank in Weeblesnog City

Rampage Across the Cerullean Sector

Mr. Eye knew the last true threat him and his kind was the original Dimensionator, as it could throw all the Nethers back into the Netherverse, he thus had to make sure it was destroyed. Mr. Eye led his Nether forces out of the Zarkov Sector, heading toward the Praxus Sector. While passing through the Cerullean Sector, Mr. Eye destroyed six Polaris Defense Force listening posts before a Polaris Defense Force satellite detected the Nether forces. Mr. Eye faced little resistance as he headed toward the Praxus Sector, as most of the Polaris Defense Force was busy dealing with Thugs-4-Less.[1]

Invasion of Meridian City

The Nethers soon entered the Praxus Sector, heading toward planet Igliak, knowing the final Dimensionator was being held at the Intergalactic Museum of History in Meridian City. He first moved in toward the Intergalactic Museum of History, but his forces failed to arrive on time before Ratchet and Clank passed the Dimensionator to Neftin, Qwark and Pollyx, who then hid at the city center, repairing the broken Dimensionator at the Meridian City Racketball Club. He quickly sent hundreds of Nether forces search for Neftin, Qwark and Pollyx at the city's center, leaving several Netherbrutes in charge of the invasion.[1]

Things only got worse for Mr. Eye after the assault team that was sent to museum was wiped out by Ratchet and Clank, who headed to the city's center to slow down the invasion by wiping all the Netherbrutes in the area that were leading the assault.[1]

Battle With Ratchet and Clank

As forces were being pushed back by Ratchet and Clank, Mr. Eye soon figured out where Neftin, Qwark and Pollyx were repairing the device, and quickly moved in on them. Before he could reach them, Ratchet and Clank appeared in front of him, blocking him from reaching the Dimensionator. Mr. Eye would need to kill duo before he could destroy the device that could ban him and his kind from this universe.[1]

He engaged the duo a top a large skyscraper. At some point in the fight, he smashed the skyscraper to bits, forcing Ratchet to dodge his laser attacks as he jumped from wreckage in zero-gravity induced by the Mr. Eye. At around this time, Clank left Ratchet to search for Vendra Prog in the Netherverse after Neftin Prog activated the Dimensionator. Mr. Eye now only had Ratchet to deal with, and once again attempted to finish off the Lombax on another Skyscraper before he blew it up as well. Mr. Eye once again attempted to kill Ratchet in a zero-gravity environment, but Ratchet continued to dodge his attacks on the floating debris. Mr. Eye then had Ratchet on a floating platform, which he shifted positions in attempt to kill the Lombax, but this failed to, and he later shifted it back to its normal position. At this point, he threw everything he had at Ratchet, even throwing in some Warp Points to summon Elite Netherwarriors to assist him. Nevertheless, Ratchet held up, and Mr. Eye was sent hurtling backwards.[1]

Goodbye, Mr. Eye

Dimensionator, find the Netherverse!
Neftin Prog  [ItN]

Mr. Eye eventually smashed into a nearby skyscraper, getting snagged on some power couplings on the building's top section. Mr. Eye was trapped, and he could see Neftin activating the Dimensionator, which opened up a portal that released Vendra Prog and Clank from the Netherverse. Realizing Neftin was going to banish him and his kind next, he managed to break free from the building, and he charged toward Neftin. Vendra; however, used her powers to restrain Mr. Eye, allowing Neftin to open a portal to the Netherverse. The portal began to suck the Nethers in droves, and Vendra attempted to move Mr. Eye into the Portal. Mr. Eye; however, used his powers to escape her grasp, and he managed to grab the power couplings from the same building that had previously had ensnared him. Vendra; however, grabbed ahold of him via her powers, and managed to rip him away from the power couplings. Mr. Eye screamed in horror as he was sent hurtling toward the portal, vainly attempting to grab a hold of anything. With nothing to grasp though, Mr. Eye was thrown into the Netherverse portal, which quickly shut behind him, banishing him to Netherverse along with the rest of his kind for good.[1]


Despite speaking in a language only Vendra can understand, most likely due to the fact that she is a Nether, he can be seen as a malicious and cruel entity. He faked being Vendra's friend in order to make use of her and Neftin as pawns to release himself and his army from the Netherverse, then once he crossed dimensions they turned on the Prog Twins, something Ratchet predicted based on the fact that the Progs's parents most likely sent them to the current dimension to keep them safe from him and how Tachycon tricked Alister once, as well. He also appears to be intelligent, given he knew that Ratchet and Clank were at Meridian City as he and his army attacked it to destroy the Dimensionator and kill Ratchet, knowing the device could banish him and his kind back to the Netherverse.[1]


As the leader of the Nethers, Mr. Eye was extremely powerful, with just his incredible brute strength alone, he was able to easily tear through several parts of Meridian City and turn the platform Ratchet was battling him from upside down or even destroy it. Since he is the one who gave Vendra her psychic powers, it is possible that he is also able to utilize them, but to a greater degree. Even after being weakened by Ratchet, it took basically all the power Vendra had to throw Eye back into the Netherverse. Mr. Eye could also effectively keep up with Ratchet, and in the end was not actually killed, but trapped back in his home universe.[1] He could also shoot a powerful laser from his eye that could destroy the Zurkon Family, and did enough damage that it could kill Ratchet very quickly when floating in anti-gravity, especially on harder difficulties. He can also make shockwaves with his claws.


  • Mr. Eye is the only main villain whose language is incomprehensible to most people.
  • Mr. Eye may be the largest main villain in the Ratchet & Clank series yet; however, he is not the largest enemy.
  • Mr. Eye is one of the few villains in the series to not use Comic Relief in any of their appearances.

Behind the scenes

Fred Tatasciore

Fred Tatasciore, the voice of Mr. Eye

Mr. Eye was voiced by Fred Tatasciore, who also voiced Neftin Prog and Libra.


Notes and references

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  3. Ratchet suggests the Progs's parents sent Neftin and Vendra to this dimension because of Mr. Eye, insisting that Mr. Eye would betray them. This later occurs following the crossing of Mr. Eye into Ratchet's home dimension.

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