Mr. Dinkles was a critter that appeared in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. He was a feline-like critter raised by Frumpus Croid and Nevo Binklemeyer. He was possessed by the Loki Master prior to the game's events.


Mr. Dinkles was Dr. Croid's seemingly normal pet. Dr. Croid and Nevo were studying the effects of creatures on their owners and, using a vectomorphic tricilloscope, managed to discover a strange energy within the critter which was actually the Loki Master. They decided to use the Protomorphic Energy Extractor to separate the energy from Mr. Dinkles. However, Mr. Dinkles, with some forced assistance from Nevo, stole the extractor. During the final battle, the Loki-possessed Mr. Dinkles fought with a weaponized hoverthrone, but was soon forced to use the extractor to transfer his spirit into a Rykan V Grivelnox, returning Mr. Dinkles to normal.



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