Morklon was a swamp planet in the Corvus sector of the Breegus System. Gimlick Valley was located on it. It had vegetated parts within it. It was inhabited by Fongoids, who colonized it and turned the mucky Gimlick Valley into a beautiful village paradise. However, the Agorians led by their leader, Commander Argos,invaded the valley, kill off most of the Fongoids and destroyed the Floodgate that kept the valley from flooding. Ratchet and Clank crash landed on this planet after Nefarious launched them on an asteroid from his Asteroid Flinger 5000, 10 years from the Agorian attack. Fortunately, the Zoni protected them on the crash. There was a major Fongoid outpost here, but when they arrived the area was nothing but Fongoids ruins and swamp lands. They ran into a lone Fongoid (later found out to be Yurik) who told them the story of how their tribe were defeated by the Agorians. Ratchet and Clank thought they could maybe get a ship from the Fongoids, if they went back in time and protected the tribe and Fongoids' floodgate from the Agorians. They successfully defeated Commander Argos and protected the floodgate. The Fongoids agreed to rebuild Argos's ship and let Ratchet and Clank use it. Ratchet and Clank traveled back to present time and got the ship, then returned to the Nefarious Space Station.


Wildlife and Flora




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