Momma Tyhrranoid
Momma Tyhrranoid

Concept art

It was the biggest Tyhrranoid you've ever seen. Big as a Star Cruiser and packing twice as much firepower!
―Ratchet, telling the Q-Force about his fight with Clank against the Momma Tyhrranoid  [UYA]

The Momma Tyhrranoid was a massive nine-eyed Tyhrranoid which lived on the Tyhrranoid homeworld Tyhrranosis, which presumably gave birth to the other, smaller Tyhrranoids. It is the leader of the Tyhrranoid army. It was enormous in size, had around nine eyes, a large mouth that showed off hundreds of teeth, and it carried a massive blaster operated by smaller, Two-Eyed Tyhrranoids on its back. Unluckily for the smaller One-Eyed Tyrranoids that join the fray to kill Ratchet when "mother" Tyhrranoid is chasing Ratchet, their "mother" doesn't care if they get shot by the Two-Eyed Tyhrranoid Gunners on her back. She appears to be nothing but a bug-eyed monster, driven by hunger. The Tyhrranoid Commanders may be the real leaders of the race, but it is the leader of  the Tyhrranoids.

During the invasion of Tyhrranosis, Ratchet and Clank defeated The Momma Tyhrranoid. However, Qwark swept in after the battle to steal credit from the duo in front of news reporter Darla Gratch.

Boss Strategy

The Tyhrranoid Mother is fairly easy to defeat. It's main method of attack is to chase Ratchet around the environment and whip with its tentacles if he's close. It will occasionally jump onto the ceiling and use it's blaster. The N60 Storm can be very helpful in this fight. After enough damage, the boss will become enraged and the fight will temporarily shift to its point of view. It will now chase Ratchet into another room, firing missiles at him. After this, the fight becomes the same as before. After a while of doing this, the Tyhrranoid will fall. The Suck Cannon is a huge help due to its massive damage. That is if the player were sucking crates and One-Eyed Tyhrranoids along the way.


  • Even though Momma Tyhrranoid is presumed to be a female, Ratchet referred to her as a male when explaining on how he defeated the Queen back at the Starship Phoenix.
  • The Mother Tyhrranoid has tentacles for arms instead of arms with 3 fingers like the other Tyhrranoids.


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