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local mArguments --initialize lazily
local mHatnote = require('Module:Hatnote')
local mHatList = require('Module:Hatnote list')
local libraryUtil = require('libraryUtil')
local checkType = libraryUtil.checkType
local p = {}
function p.about (frame)
	-- A passthrough that gets args from the frame and all
	mArguments = require('Module:Arguments')
	args = mArguments.getArgs(frame)
	return p._about(args)
function p._about (args, options)
	-- Produces "about" hatnote.
	-- Type checks and defaults
	checkType('_about', 1, args, 'table', true)
	args = args or {}
	checkType('_about', 2, options, 'table', true)
	options = options or {}
	local defaultOptions = {
		aboutForm = 'This %s is about %s. ',
		defaultPageType = 'page',
		namespace = mw.title.getCurrentTitle().namespace,
		pageTypesByNamespace = {
			[0] = 'article',
			[14] = 'category'
		sectionString = 'section'
	for k, v in pairs(defaultOptions) do
		if options[k] == nil then options[k] = v end
	-- Set initial "about" string
	local pageType = (args.section and options.sectionString) or
		options.pageTypesByNamespace[options.namespace] or
	local about = ''
	if args[1] then
		about = string.format(options.aboutForm, pageType, args[1])
	-- Set for-see list
	local forSee = mHatList._forSee(args, 2)
	-- Concatenate and return
	return mHatnote._hatnote(about .. forSee)
return p

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