Mnemonic Station ACIT

A mnemonic station was an area of the Great Clock that could allow the user to delve into their mind. Dr. Nefarious used it for searching the key to the Orvus Chamber in Clank mind. Clank used it to go into his subconscious. There were four known mnemonic stations.

List of stations

Mnemonic station Alpha

Mnemonic station Alpha was a mnemonic station in the Great Clock. Clank used it to get into his subconscious. This was where Nefarious tried to search Clank for the key to the Orvus Chamber.

Mnemonic station Beta

Mnemonic station Beta was a mnemonic station in the Great Clock. Clank used it to get into his subconscious and meet Orvus. He also received the Chronoscepter here.

Mnemonic station Gamma

Mnemonic station Gamma was a mnemonic station in the Great Clock. Clank used it to get into his own subconscious. Orvus taught him many new abilites he could use with his Chronoscepter in this station.

Mnemonic station Iota

Mnemonic station Iota?"
"Yep. As in, 'Iota test the mnemonic station!' *Laughs*Sorry. Orvus's sense of humor rubs off on you after the first thousand years.
Clank and Sigmund on Orvus's naming of the station  [ACiT]

Mnemonic station Iota was a mnemonic station in the Great Clock, named after a play on words by Orvus. Clank and Sigmund needed to test the station to see if it was functioning properly as part of their duties in tending to the clock. Clank needed to use his Chronoscepter to repair serious damage done to it by Dr. Nefarious' meddling in order to get into his own subconscious. After fixing and accessing the station, Clank found The Plumber in his mind, who was pulling several familiar items out of a clogged pipe. He and Clank talked about the robots new responsibilities concerning the clock and separation from Ratchet. The Plumber pointed out that a true friend like Ratchet would understand, and after unclogging the pipe, he pushed Clank down it; before this; however, he told Clank not to risk any more than six minutes, which would in fact be valuable advice later on.


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