Minor characters

This is the list of minor characters who appear throughout the original Ratchet & Clank series.

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando



01101 was a Space Tourist prisoner in the notorious Thugs-4-Less Prison on planet Aranos. He was featured in the advertisement for the Thugs-4-Less prison.

Noodlebottom (mentioned only)

Ms. Noodlebottom, I've found our man!
Qwark disguised as Abercrombie Fizzwidget  [GC]

Miss Noodlebottom was Abercrombie Fizzwidget's secretary in the Bogon Galaxy. After seeing Ratchet and Clank on Behind the Hero. Captain Qwark, disguised as Fizzwidget, called her and informed her that he had found a new commando.


…and don't forget to bring your own juice boxes this time… Hey, I saw that Cletus! You just earned yourself a write up!
Thug Leader responding to Cletus' annoying game.  [GC]

Cletus was a member of the Thugs-4-Less. Cletus was responsible for the lighting in the room where the Thug's Leader spoke to Ratchet and sometimes switched it on to annoy the Leader even though the Leader wanted it off.

James T. Fullbladder

Dr. James T. Fullbladder reporting on MegaCorp experiment 13. This update is strictly classified, if you are watching this, you're fired.
―Dr. Fullbladder talking about in the Protopet experiment video.  [GC]

Dr. James T. Fullbladder appeared in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando as a scientist who made tests with the Protopets.

Dr. Putridson and his partner

Protopet Scientists2

Putridson and his partner

Dr. Putridson and his partner were a pair of MegaCorp scientist hired to test the Protopet. Putridson observed the behaviour of the original Protopet, while his partner tested the Protopet's aggression levels.[1] It is indirectly shown in Dr. James T. Fullbladder's report that Putridson and his partner were eaten by the Mutant Protopet. However, both scientists were watching the premiere of the new Secret Agent Clank holo-vid at the end of Up Your Arsenal.

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Nature's Mysteries Narrator

The Nature's Mysteryies Narrator hosted Nature's Mysteries, a Holovision show that covered mysterious creatures. One episode, he did a piece on the mysterious Florana Tree Beast of Florana.

He was voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

Bozell (mentioned only)

Mr. Bozell was a ninth-grade biology teacher who taught at Copnernicus Leslie Qwark and Nefarious's high school.

Ratchet: Deadlocked

Subject 138

Subject 138…
Gleeman Vox calls in another child to review the Ace Hardlight Action Figure.  [Deadlocked]

Subject 138 was an unnamed child sent to the lab by Gleeman Vox for a focus test to find out why the Ace Hardlight Action Figure wasn't selling.[2]


I'm Battle-Hawk, I can fly! ZOOM! (crash) Ouch!
Lucy attempting to fly like Battle-Hawk, only to end up falling into the ground instead.  [Deadlocked]
Fan Kids

Lucy (right) dressed up like Battle-Hawk

The Battle-Hawk was a flying female DreadZone contestant. It was unsure whether she escaped the station after Gleeman Vox caused it to explode.

Lucy was a big fan of Battle-Hawk, going so far as to dress up like her.

Captain Lightspeed

Captain Lightspeed was a DreadZone contestant who was killed after attempting to enter another hero's living quarters.

Agent Zero

Agent Zero was a DreadZone contestant. Along with Ratchet, Kid Nova and Hydro Girl, Agent Zero is one of the four known contestants to escape the DreadZone Station explosion.[3]

Behind the scenes

Agent Zero from the Spyro series

Agent Zero is presumably an in-joke by Insomniac Games, as a spy called Agent Zero appeared briefly in one of Insomniac Games's earlier games, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. A mission in the game involves you needing to follow closely behind him without him noticing, in order to gain access to his secret club.

Quaternion X

Levithan Flail

The Leviathan Flail, Quaternion X's favorite weapon

Quaternion X was one of DreadZone's greatest contestants, who had been abducted from his home of Metropolis, Kerwan, and forced to fight for Gleeman Vox at around the same time as Captain Starshield. Almost rivaling the latter in dread points, Quaternion X was killed in the Battledome before he could surpass the Captain. His favorite weapon was the Leviathan Flail, which he referred to as "the old ball and chain."

Quasar Flare

Quasar Flare was one of the gladiators on board the DreadZone. He was "terminated" before Ratchet's arrival to the station.

Mobius Man

Alright fresh meat, enough chit chat. Your next up in the Battledome, after "Mobius Man." And from the way he's fighting it won't be much longer. Now move it!
Gleeman Vox, informing Ratchet that he is up next in the Battledome  [Deadlocked]

Mobius Man was a long-running DreadZone contestant, whom was finally eliminated from the show when the Eviscerator cut him down in the Battledome on the same day as Ratchet's first arena challenge. Gleeman Vox stated to Ratchet that the way Mobius Man was fighting, he wouldn't be around much longer. This shows that Mobius Man might have been a clumsy fighter, and the way he got all the way to the Vindicator Tournament might have been through mere luck.

Plasma Ray

Plasma Ray was one of the longest running DreadZone contestants until he was killed by one of the Exterminators.

Mad Monkey McKnight

Mad monkey mcknight

Mad Monkey McKnight's silhouette

Mad Monkey McKnight was a popular DreadZone contestant, whom Ace Hardlight killed during the same season that saw the end of Captain Starshield and The Brown Ranger. He was larger than Captain Starshield and the Brown Ranger. He seemed to have a large gun for a right hand; with many tube-like devices around his body, suggesting his weapon was some kind of liquid shooter.


I'm Gammatron. My eyes shoot laser beams!
Eugene, pretending to be Gammatron  [Deadlocked]
Fan Kids

Eugene (left) dressed up like Gammatron

Gammatron was a famous superhero and DreadZone contestant. He could shoot laser beams from his eyes. He may or may not have escaped the DreadZone Station's explosion.

Eugene, a child viewer of DreadZone, was known to greatly admire Gammatron to the point of dressing up like him for fun.

The Brown Ranger

The brown ranger

Brown Ranger's silhouette

The Brown Ranger was a long-running DreadZone contestant from Metropolis, Kerwan. Much to the shock of the viewers he was killed by Ace Hardlight in the same season in which Captain Starshield and Mad Monkey McKnight were killed. He was taller than Captain Starshield, but shorter than Mad Monkey McKnight. He had many shoulder blades coming off the top part of his body.

Uranium Man

Attention heroes. We are detecting high levels of radiation in the containment area. If you reside next to, or near Uranium Man, you will die shortly.
Gleeman Vox, over the intercom  [Deadlocked]

Uranium Man was a DreadZone contestant who could emit dangerous radiation; the radiation could kill those surrounding him. It is unclear whether or not he escaped the DreadZone Station's explosion.

Orange Comet

Orange Comet was a DreadZone contestant who was killed in battle. He was killed a week before Ratchet took on the Vindicator Tournament.

Plasma Woman

Plasma Woman was a long-running DreadZone contestant. She was killed a week before Ratchet took on the Vindicator Tournament.

Agent Bizarro

Agent Bizarro was a leading DreadZone contestant. He was killed a week before Ratchet took on the Vindicator Tournament.

El Mustachio

El Mustachio was an exotic contestant on DreadZone who came from the far east of the Bogon Galaxy. He was possibly killed by the Eviscerator.

Captain Nightingale

Captain Nightingale was a long-running DreadZone contestant. Little was known about him, aside from the fact that his mother worked at the Station. It was unclear whether he escaped the DreadZone Station explosion or not.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Kerchu Mechwrecker Controllers

Kerchu Guardian

These four Kerchu controlled the Kerchu Mechwrecker guarding the Dimensionator. They are lead by a large yellow Kerchu who controlls the 'head' of the mech; an orange Kerchu controls the 'legs' of the Guardian; and two red Kerchu control an arm each. They all fell to their presumed deaths when the Mechwrecker exploded upon defeat.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

Fred (space pirate)

Fred was a member of Angstrom Darkwater's crew. He used to give Rusty Pete wedgies on the annual holidays before he was killed by Captain Slag during his mutiny. Ratchet, Talwyn and Rusty Pete see his body during their visit to Morrow Caverns and later he returns as an Undead Pirate.

He wielded a Spiked Club.



Scurvy was a space pirate in Angstrom Darkwater's crew. When Romulus Slag lead a mutiny on Darkwater, he was killed. Years later, the curse of Darkwater was activated, bringing the deceased crew, including Scurvy, back to life as undead pirates. Scurvy served Angstrom Darkwatet once again. He participated in the attack on Hoolefar Island, being a Buccaneer class pirate he attacks with either a club, a sword, a cutlass or an axe. In the final battle at the Azorean Sea, he died along with the other pirates when the curse was lifted.



Scallywag was a space pirate in Angstrom Darkwater's crew. When Romulus Slag lead a mutiny on Darkwater, he was killed. Years later, the curse of Darkwater was activated, bring the deceased crew, including Scallywag, back to life as undead pirates. Scallywag served Angstrom Darkwater once again. He participated in the attack on Hoolefar Island, being a Corsair pirate he attacks with a pistol. In the final battle at the Azorean Sea, he died along with Darkwater when the curse was lifted.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time

Fred (Nefarious Trooper)

I am an engineer, I fix stuff.
―Fred before attacking Ratchet.  [ACiT]
Fred the Nefarious Trooper


Fred was a Nefarious Trooper Splitterbot equipped with saw blades. He was an engineer who owned another trooper five bolts for Azimuth's escape. After Ratchet destroyed some components to Vorselon's Ship, he took an elavotor up to fix it. After stating he was an engineer, he attacked Ratchet but was easily defeated.

Ratchet & Clank comics

Buccaneer (Vartax Detention Facility)

Space Pirate Issue 2

The Buccaneer

This Buccaneer was a Space pirate imprisoned on the Vartax Detention Facility.


The Buccaneer was imprisoned in the Facility for unknown reasons. The pirate later met Clank and recognised him, helping him to escape from his cell.

Clank later returned to free the Pirate and the Pirate started an uprising by leading the other inmates in battle against the Prison Guards, allowing Ratchet, Clank and General Glahm to escape.

It is likely that he was released after Artemis Zogg's defeat.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus


Dave and Pete were Thug members of the Thugs-4-Less. Both owed another Thug ten bolts each but were separately killed by Ratchet in battle and was never able to pay the Thug which they owed back, who was also killed by Ratchet soon after.

Sources and references

  3. Agent Zero is mentioned on the Rank-o-Meter and his section says "Active", proving that he escaped.

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