Mimic plants were plants used to make useful objects that could be used to make explosives, launchers, or flower trampolines. They were 'standing' in the ground when Ratchet first saw them, and were made to work by using the Sprout-O-Matic, which made them walk with you to the Electro-soil patch to be watered and planted there. Sometimes enemies killed them, but it respawned at the place where you sprouted them.

Plant types

The Mimic Plant had many versions, all of which were adapted to the situation that Ratchet was in.

Purple Mimic Plant

The purple Mimic Plant was the flower trampoline (taller), twice the height of the blue one.

Blue Mimic Plant

The blue Mimic Plant was a flower trampoline, half the height of the purple version.

Yellow Mimic Plant

The yellow Mimic Plant was an explosive fruit used to blast open walls when hit with the wrench.

Qwark Mimic Plant

The Qwark Mimic Plant was an explosive fruit only encoutered in Dreamtime. It had the head of Qwark instead of the bomb explosive flower, and when Ratchet hit it with his wrench, it made the sound of Qwark groaning. When hit, they transformed into Versa targets when flying into their destination in the air.

Green Mimic Plant

The green Mimic Plant was a ladder used to climb walls.

Red Mimic Plant

The Red Mimic Plant was two red flowers that eventually branched into one stem that threw you when Ratchet hit it.


  • You can also kill a mimic plant by just swinging your wrench at its stem, or by watering the already planted mimic plant in the Electro-soil.
  • On Dayni Moon, when you watered the Electro-soil patch at night time to plant the plant, they did not grow flowers, so you had to wait until day when they did.
  • In the HIG Treehouse, you could see concept art of a Mimic Plant skin that was originally going to be put in multiplayer.



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