The center of the map, viewed from a tower on the side

Metropolis is a multiplayer map in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It is among the larger multiplayer maps in Up Your Arsenal, and supports all game modes.[1]

Map layout


Metropolis map layout

Metropolis is a symmetrical map designed for siege. It consists of two sides divided by a bridge with walkways and upper areas on the sides of the map. The base area does not have any special defenses.[1] Like in all maps designed for siege, the flags spawn at the base teleporters in Capture the Flag mode.[2]

The map is full of large gaps separating the different areas, making it difficult to move through the map without falling. However, the Hypershot versa-targets and jump pads scattered around the map can be used to quickly navigate across the level.[1] Additionally, the two vehicle pads on the map spawn Hoverships.[1][2]



The towers around the center bridge can be climbed with gravity boots


The walkway next to a base


The towers on the sides of the map spawn Drones

Metropolis contains 6 nodes, three on each side of the map. Since the map is symmetrical, the opposing nodes on both sides of the map are identical.

The nodes on the upper platform closest to the bases are guarded by three turrets and contain vehicle pads capable of spawning Hoverships.[1] It can be accessed from a jump pad below the node or by the versa-targets leading from the tower. Once captured, the node will spawn two weapon crates and one ammo pack around it. Next to the node is a defense turret facing towards the center of the map.[2]

The nodes on the top of the magnetic towers near the center, accessible via gravity boots or a hovership, are guarded by two turrets.[2] They spawn four weapon crates and two ammo packs once captured.[1]

The nodes in the corners of the map are located on the walkways near the base. The nodes can be accessed quickly from the bases and are guarded by three turrets and two troopers.[1] Once captured, the node will spawn two weapon crates. The node leads to a large tower containing Drones.[2]


Behind the scenes

  • The map is essentially a smaller re-design of Metropolis, featuring the same elements such as the large height differences, lots of hypershot use and green city environment.[2]


Notes and references

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