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Merc was one of the two combat bots that Big Al salvaged and gave to Ratchet which assisted him during his DreadZone challenges. He worked alongside his companion Green.


Early Military Service

Life on DreadZone

I got them off a former contestant who um… won't being needing of them anymore…
Big Al.  [Deadlocked]
Don't worry boss, you won't end up like that last guy.
―Merc  [Deadlocked]
I hope not, I still have nightmares about it.
Green  [Deadlocked]
Aw suck it up Green!
―Merc to Green.  [Deadlocked]

Later on in Merc's life, he became partners to another combat bot named Green, and the two served a DreadZone contestant on DreadZone, an illegal combat sport that operated in the lawless Shadow Sector. It apparently didn't go too well, as their former owner died a horrible death on DreadZone, with Green stating he still had nightmares.

Team Darkstar

Meet your new Battle Bots!
Big Al  [Deadlocked]
Call me Merc, this here is Green.
―Merc to Ratchet.  [Deadlocked]

For a while, Merc and Green remained "unemployed" until Ratchet, Clank and Big Al had been forced to serve DreadZone. Big Al managed to obtain the two combat bots, and introduced them to Ratchet, who they would serve under. Big Al told Ratchet he had obtained them from a former contestant, who wouldn't need them any longer. Merc assured Ratchet he had nothing to worry about, though Green remained unsure, claiming he still had nightmares about the fate of their former owner. Merc scolded Green and told him to "suck it up." After their brief discussion with Big Al and Ratchet, Merc asked Green if he ever saw combat, which Green informed Merc that he did indeed see combat, claiming it didn't end well.


Merc and Green following the destruction of the DreadZone Station got a job at Galaxy Burger, where they served millions of eager customers who clamored to see the two famous combat bots from DreadZone. However, the two bots overtime decided they wanted a quiet and calm life, and later on petitioned themselves to become the new den leaders of the Ratchet fan club, which had lost it's former den leader "Big Tool" (Big Al) after he got into an argument over Exterminator trading cards.


Hey DreadZone! Is that all you got‽
―Merc  [Deadlocked]

Merc was portrayed as a veteran soldier who had seen war, had nerves of steel and was afraid of nothing. However, he was still afraid of heights, which he revealed on the grind rail challenge on Kronos. Merc could have been considered the complete opposite of Green, although many people have confused them. Merc had a dark voice while Green's voice was more light.

Equipment and abilities

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Behind the scenes


Phil Morris, the voice of Merc

Merc was voiced by Phil Morris, who also voiced Reactor and Captain Starshield.

Cut Content

According to cut audio files, Merc had spent time in prison. His charges were to do with parking tickets. As this was cut from the game it is non-canon.