Megapolis was the Bogon galaxy's capital. It was located on the planet Endako. Clank was given an apartment here while working for MegaCorp, but he was later kidnapped temporarily.

Architecture and landscape

The entire city was probably circular in layout, as the map showed the city curving around the circular structure in the center of the city. Megapolis was possibly the cleanest city in the Bogon Galaxy, as street-cleaning robots were deployed the moment that any trash was detected by the city's vast pollution detection system.

Ratchet and Clank apparently continued to live in Clank's Apartment following the defeat of the Protopets. However, when the duo discovered an attack on Ratchet's planet, Veldin while watching holovision. Ratchet decides to abandon the apartment in order to return to the Solana Galaxy and save Veldin, thus beginning the duo's third adventure.

Later at the end of Size Matters, Ratchet and Clank returned to Clank's apartment, where they watched the Battle Ratchet commercial, but later returned to Solana Galaxy. When Ratchet was later wrongly imprisoned Clank cleared his name and they then both went to Clank's apartment once again. A new vacuum cleaner that they turned Klunk into was also tested.


  • There was no flora in Megapolis.
  • Megapolis was the only city to feature Translocators.
  • Megapolis is the only location that features the Lifterbot.
  • According to Mike Stout and Tony Garcia, the Game Pyramid in Clank's apartment was originally a PlayStation 2, but had to be removed due to Sony Computer Entertainment guidelines during the game's development. It was then changed to an Xbox and was also removed for similar reasons. Therefore, the Game Pyramid was created as a result.