The MegaCorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower Model, or MSR II - flamethrower model, was a spider-like robot armed with a raritanium-plated arm-mounted flamethrower, and which were hired to protect The Thief. They wave their flamethrower back and forth in an attempt to harm enemies.

They, along with their Chainsaw counterparts, became upgraded as the game progressed. Eventually, they gained the ability to shoot fireballs.

MegaCorp guaranteed they would beat up to 80% of intruders.

Unlike other MegaCorp Security Robots, the MSR II - Flamethrower Model was not found within the ranks of Thugs-4-Less.

Chainsaw guard

MSR I - Chainsaw v2.0 (left) and MSR II - Flamethrower Model (right)


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