A MegaCorp weapon vendor at MegaCorp Outlet, planet Oozla

Megacorp armor vendor

A MegaCorp armor vendor

A MegaCorp vendor is MegaCorp's weapon and armor vendor, conveniently located across the Bogon Galaxy.

It differs from from a Gadgetron vendor in several key areas: it is not shaped like a box, has a floating "M" as opposed to a "G," and sells MegaCorp weapons (although one can purchase ammo for Gadgetron weapons. The MegaCorp Vendor is similar to Gadgetron vendors (from Ratchet & Clank (2002 game)) in one regard however, you must manually buy every weapons ammo individually rather than refill all guns with one purchase. Additionally, it also features a ticker with messages from MegaCorp, similar to Gadgetron vendors during the Blarg crisis.


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