MegaCorp Troopers were the vanguard of MegaCorp's security forces. Shielded with armor, they carried two rapid-fire plasma blasters that they continued firing even after losing their head, although deteriorating their aim. They are fearsome and intelligent enemies, using strategic maneuvers such as taking cover. With their powerful guns and hardy health, a squad of these troopers are a match for Ratchet. They also play a neutral role when fighting the Mutant Protopet, as they distract the creature at certain points by blasting at it, though at little effect because of the small amount of damage it causes and how the Protopet is mainly focusing on Ratchet. This does not mean they are on Ratchet's side either, as they blast at him if they get the chance.

Troopers with very low health could lose some parts of their bodies, such as an arm or, as already mentioned, their head. In case of being decapitated, they kept firing randomly like a turret.


MegaCorp Trooper v2.0

Megacorp Trooper v2.0

MegaCorp Trooper v2.0s appeared on planet Yeedil, they appeared identical to normal Megaorp Troopers until they finished teleporting in, at which point their eyes and other glowing spots would turn red instead of yellow, and their armor was darker and much more resilient to Ratchet's attacks. They were also much stronger than their previous incarnations.

They were originally intended to have an entry in the Monsterpedia, however this was cut.[1]


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