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Megacorp Security Sentinel

The MegaCorp Sentinel was a warning device created by MegaCorp. It searched the floor below with lights. If it detected anything it set off alarms and began to fire. For some reason, they were only seen in Testing Facility, Dobbo. Most obvious explanation was that they were on testing stage.


  • Sentinel bots resembled them as design, but not as function.
  • They shared the same alarm and light effects as the Blarg Heavy Interceptors.
  • The falling lightbulb when a sentinel was destroyed was actually a very small version of the destroyed sentinel.
Lightbulb sentinel

The falling sentinel light bulb


  • Shooting a Visibomb from a very far distance to them, they appeared having no light and pointing somewhere else.
  • When going towards the second part with the sentinels, the player should get detected. Then, by going to the open left corner and after a time period, the sentinels lighted Ratchet wherever he went without attacking him and pointing the opposite direction.

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Sentinel Artwork

MegaCorp Sentinel artwork