The MegaCorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw Model was a security robot armed with a standard-issue arm-mounted chainsaw. They security robots were hired to protect the Unknown Thief at one point and were also used in MegaCorp's Galactic Gladiators competitions. They could leap forward a short distance to surprise their targets, most often attempting to strike them with their chainsaw.


On Aranos, they could be seen hanging from the ceiling by their clawed right appendage. Ratchet could easily destroy them with a few strikes of his wrench, and most of the time, other weapons were not necessary to dispatch of them, unless they attacked in large groups. Their attack was slow and weak, but could knock Ratchet back. if Ratcher was ever surrounded by a great number of them, they could be considered dangerous, as they would strike quickly from all sides.

Behind the scenes

  • Mike Stout claimed that the same throwing stars from the Chopper appeared on the bots's hands. [citation needed]


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