The MegaCorp Outlet on planet Oozla was a MegaCorp center that was overrun with beasts who were consuming all the scientists.

Wild beast invasion

When the Thief walked into the center with two Thugs-4-Less henchmen, he asked for a map of that quadrant. After choosing one of the many maps offered to him by the MegaCorp employee working there at the time, he claimed to have "forgot[ten] [his] wallet," and ordered the henchmen to "take care of it." Thus, one of the henchmen threw the MegaCorp employee against a switch, deactivating the facility's perimeter defences in the process. Hence, all the dangerous beasts roaming in the swamp outside invaded the complex, presumably eating or scaring away all the employees and scientists.


The outlet seemed to be specialized in clothing retail, seeing as it contained a wide variety of clothes fitted on mannequins, which were inside glass showcases. Both the glass and the mannequins could be smashed to obtain bolts.

Even Ratchet could buy clothes there, in a sense, as the center contained a MegaCorp armour vendor, where Ratchet could buy new armor.


The shopping center also had a passage to the Swamp monster's lair which could only be accessed with the Gravity Boots. A Tractor Beam was also available from a surviving scientist.

There was also a large screen near the exit of the shopping center. It was through this screen that Abercrombie Fizzwidget informed Ratchet about the Thief's latest whereabouts.