MegaCorp Laser Bots were yellow-orange MegaCorp robots that swept the area around them with a laser attached to their bodies, which can cause damage to nearly anything it touches, including MegaCorp Sweeper Bots. They also seemed to have malfunctioned like the Sweeper Bots, as they rotate wildly while using their laser and do not seem to target Ratchet, if he is unfortunate enough to be in their path. They could be picked up by a magnetic crane, unlike the Sweeper Bots, in which they can be used to great advantage by destroying other laser and sweeper bots. They were built by MegaCorp to keep the city of Megapolis on planet Endako from being filthy. While they succeed in this job, they will also clean up anything that roams the city (e.g. organic lifeforms such as Lombaxes).