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Hover Tank

The MegaCorp Hover Tank V2.0 was a stronger, well armored, and tougher version of the MegaCorp Hover Tank. They were first encountered on Snivelak, in the Thugs-4-Less Headquarters. They laid down massive amounts of fire that pinned you down in an instant. As the hail of fire went on, it became nearly impossible to dodge the longrange shots forever. Should you managed to destroy them, their wreckage had remained as cover for Thugs and yourself. They were made by MegaCorp for the Thugs to use at their home base, and were also used at the MegaCorp Testing Facility on Yeedil. There the tanks patrolled inside the factory to keep Ratchet away from the Protopet duplication room. They could be taken out with long-range weapons such as the Megarocket Cannon or the Vaporizer. Should Ratchet be lucky and get in close range, the Heavy Bouncer could also be an option.

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