The MegaCorp HelpDesk was MegaCorp's version of the Gadgetron HelpDesk. Like the Gadgetron HelpDesk, the MegaCorp HelpDesk Office is at MegaCorp's HQ. MegaCorp's helpdesk is much more important than the Gadgetron helpdesk because it also gives information to Commandos for MegaCorp. It is unknown who the MegaCorp HelpDesk girl is.

Like the Gadgetron HelpDesk, you can interrupt messages by pressing the Triangle button.


  • Apparently, when you do not have the Thermanator, the HelpDesk will say you will need it at a certain point of the game, although a Gadgetron employee invented the Thermanator, and he made the only one, it is unknown how they knew about the Thermanator.

Behind the scenes

  • The MegaCorp HelpDesk girl went through many iterations, including once having a British accent unlike her current American accent.[1]
    • Her voice was very similar with that of the Gadgetron HelpDesk, revealing she was the same HelpDesk girl.


Notes and references

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