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Welcome to MegaCorp Games, sponsored by MegaCorp!
— Galactic Gladiators Host, GC
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MegaCorp Games was a deadly competition sponsored by MegaCorp. Based on planet Joba, the games involve both arena combat and Hoverbike races. To compete in the games, potential contestants first need to win a battle on Dobbo's moon, Lunar City, and receive a pass from the Mathematician. Chances of survival in the games themselves are considered to be very slim. Joba's arena is unusual, as it has a cage suspended high above the arena floor, allowing for cage matches where gladiators fight on the walls using Gravity Boots. Two of the most powerful gladiators who participate in the games are the Arachnoid and Megapede, two huge robots.

Ratchet and Clank can win the Gravity Boots and the Infiltrator at the arena, along with a pair of Charge Boots at the Hoverbike races. By completing extra challenges, the duo can also win bolts.

By completing a certain number of challenges, other challenges were unlocked. One of the hardest challenges to unlock was the Impossible Challenge, where the player could win 200,000 bolts (or 2,000,000 if on Challenge Mode) by completing it.