Ratchet ammo crate tabora

A MegaCorp Crate on Tabora

MegaCorp Crates were ammo crates that held ammo for MegaCorp weapons, such as the Lancer, HK22 Gun and the Minirocket Tube. They were blue and grey crates with a large black covered "M" on the front. Often they held the ammo Ratchet needed at times.

Commando Guidebook

Look for MegaCorp "M" stamped on the sides of these on the sides of these crates, which signifies genuine MegaCorp quality ammo. While there is no telling which kind of Ammo is stored inside, chances are it will be something you need. If you've already maxed out the ammo level for a Weapon, you will not be able to pick up any of the contents.


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