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Meero Orphanage. Buncha' creeps and bullies. All they do is pick on Nef and me, and when I tell one of the teachers, I get sent to detention?
Vendra Prog  [ItN]
But I found a new friend today. I call him Mr. Eye, and he lives in the caves where my brother and I were found.
―Vendra Prog  [ItN]

The Meero Orphanage was a location on Yerek visited by Ratchet and Clank.[1] According to Pollyx, Vendra was working on some kind of device in the orphanage.[2]


Long ago, Vendra Prog and Neftin Prog were somehow sent toward Ratchet's and Clank's universe, being sent away from their home in the Netherverse by their parents for some unknown reason. Ending up on planet Yerek, the orphaned children were sent to the Meero Orphanage. Life in the Meero Orphanage was harsh, as both Neftin and Vendra were constantly bullied and felt alone. Neftin would often attempt to protect his sister in the best manner possible, but it did little to prevent her emotional suffering.

While at the Meero Orphanage, the young preschooler was contacted by a being known as Mr. Eye. Mr. Eye informed Vendra that both she and Neftin were really Nethers, and they were native to the Netherverse. Mr. Eye; however, informed her that she and brother could not return to Netherverse, because their exposure to the other dimension made them unfit to survive properly in the Netherverse. Nevertheless, Mr. Eye insisted they could bring the Netherverse to this other dimension, allowing Neftin and Vendra to be reunited with their kind, which the twins greatly yearned for. Seeing Mr. Eye as a friend, she began to furiously build to bring about the merging of the Netherverse with her dimension, by working on transdimensional technologies at the Meero Orphanage; at around this time, she also created the Netherblades (as well as their upgraded, the Prog Blades), which were later stolen by GrummelNet. Her time talking to Mr. Eye, as well as the bullying and loneliness, were quickly transforming Vendra into a dark person, which was evidenced throughout Meero Orphanage with disturbing crayon drawings, fake dangling bones and pentacrosses hung from trees.


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