The Meat Mortar destabilizes the transformation matrix of the ordinary Pork Bomb, causing its targets to seek out others and explode with meaty goodness. The Meat Mortar has been condemned by the Alliance of Vegan Worlds, but has found great popularity on ranching planets.
―Weapon Description  [SAC]

The Meat Mortar was an upgraded form of the Pork Bomb Gun. It caused the pigs to run to other enemies and explode next to them. Meat Mortar was very useful against of a group of small enemies, as large enemies took longer to transform. It's also smart to use these against amoeboids because when they are hit, they don't break into two. It had two mods: one was to make the pigs turn into huge boars that attacked opponents and another which caused edible slices of meat (that functions similar to Nanotech) to appear when a pig is killed.

Both the Meat Mortar and Titan Meat Mortar have been condemned by the Alliance of Vegan Worlds; however, they have become quite popular with Ranching Planets.


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