Your luck is extraordinary sir. But, do you lose as gracefully as you win?
— Maximillian to Secret Agent Clank., UYA

Maxmillian, called Maximillian in Going Mobile was a rich supervillain who was fond in gambling, and seemed to own an army who could attack at anytime. His nemesis was Secret Agent Clank, who he more than often tried to eliminate.

Despite his villainous nature, he was presumably just an actor. However, he was the main villain of Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile, which took place in a vid-comic, which he wanted to escape from.


Up Your Arsenal

In the Secret Agent Clank holo-vision series, Maximillian was a typical supervillain. Owning a large casino at the Maktar Resort, Maxmillian was on a long-losing streak against Secret Agent Clank. He attempted to assassinate his foe by using saber-wielding robots, but failed and ends up electrocuted. Maxmillian then kidnapped the Countess, played by Courtney Gears, leaving her guarded by The Terror of Talos. Failing again, Maximillian's escape helicopter was brought down by Clank and Skrunch on an unknown Ice planet.
Maxmillian Gun

Maxmillian preparing to shoot Agent Clank


Maxmillian made a small cameo in one scene, where Dallas and Juanita showed a picture of Ratchet at his Maktar casino, it was in fact just a picture of Maxmillian with Ratchet's face painted over his.

Other side stories and events

Going Mobile

176x208 screenshot - Maximillian

Ratchet fighting Maximillian in Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile

Maximillian was the main antagonist and the final boss of Going Mobile. He had been overlooking Ratchet and Clank's progress since they first stepped into the Secret Agent Clank world, as he knew that his nemesis and valet would find a way to escape into the real world and when they did, he would lure them into a trap and kill them to get it. After Ratchet and Clank reassembled the MCGuFIN, Al told them that to activate it they would have to use an infolink in Maximillian's office. To get in, they bribed his robotic bouncer, where-upon they discovered that he already left but had used the infolink and was headed for the link between the vid-comic world and the real world, where he could enter the real world and wreak havoc. They set out to stop him, finally confronting him, where he revealed that he was luring them into a trap all this time so that he could kill them and take the MCGuFIN (as aforementioned). You had to fight Maximillian's huge cannon to win the game.


In Going Mobile to beat him destroy the lower part of the cannon. Then destroy the upper part when you need get nanotech. After you destroyed the cannon, it exploded taking him along with it.